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The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast covering news, strategy and the community surrounding Heroes of the Storm. The podcast is hosted by Daz, Mystic, Liqiud and streamed live on Twitch at every Wednesday at 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST. Follow us on Twitter at @TheNexusTrolls for show information, Heroes of the Storm news, and more.

Latest Episode

The Trolls examine the Junkrat patch today, including a deep dive on the Muradin and Zul’jin reworks.  We discuss Junkrat, and how we feel he fits into the Nexus, and where his strengths lie.  There’s a little eSports sprinkled in for good measure, as per always when LiQiuD is around.  Sit back and enjoy the show!

  • News – 4:00
  • LiQiuD’s eSports Corner – 10:25
  • Junkrat – 18:35
  • Muradin – 42:35
  • Zul’jin – 55:37
  • Mystic’s Shakedown – 1:09:35

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The Nexus Trolls is a weekly podcast all about Blizzard’s Heroes Of The Storm.  The podcast is hosted by Daz, LiQiuD and Mystic, and can be viewed live weekly on Wednesday’s at 7:30pm EST / 4:30pm PST on Twitch at

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