Don’t Fear the Rosterpocalypse


The release and acquisition periods of the Heroes Global Championship (HGC) is now at an end. Reading Reddit or watching streams will show a crescendo of voices talking about the dreaded ‘Rosterpocalypse’ and the doom it foretells for the affected teams or regions. This is not yet another article about where people landed or the chances for individual teams or regions.
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What went wrong for NA at Blizzcon

Anne EliseNews

A lot of fans were happy and disappointed with the performance of NA teams at Blizzcon. In truth, everyone should just be happy, but perhaps, our memories of past triumphs have clouded out vision of the present realities, as those memories are incomplete.
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Music of the Storm Chapter 1: The Battle Begins


RozaiRussell (Rozai) Greene is a composer, arranger, and music educator with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in music education. He is the flex player and captain for the amateur Heroes of the Storm team Lords of the Exodar. Follow him on Twitter @RozaiLoTE and on Twitch at