Hoofit Provides Thoughts on HGC Cancellation


My Background as a Blizzard fan I have been a huge Blizzard fan for many years, from Warcraft 2 onwards. I got into the WoW beta and have met many friends in person from the game, some of which I am still in contact with to this day. When I got into the technical alpha for Heroes I was intrigued, … Read More

Nexus Gaming Series Mead Hall – Sunday January 20, 2019


Nexus Gaming Series has announced a new Mead Hall meeting on January 20, 2019. From Aura on the NGS Discord:   @everyone I don’t think you ready for this jelly…. MEAD HALL THIS SUNDAY 20th AT 6pm PST! That’s right! Season 6 sign ups are right around the corner on the 21st so be sure to tune in for all … Read More

Hero Guide – Main Tank Blaze

True MrFuGuides, News

I’m not saying Blaze is the best main tank in the game, but I am saying he is the best main tank for Solo Que, HL or TL. Yes, he can still be played in the offlane role as well, but his sustain has been nerfed so much, I think he is better in the 4 man. Main issues in … Read More

Division D Grand Finals

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Date: Friday, October 26th, 6:00PM PST on twitch.tv/nexusgamingseries w/ Tudy and Mystik Well, we’ve finally made it. What started out as 32 regular season teams has been narrowed down to two, one from the West and the other from the East: Off-Brand Cereal(1) and That was Jimmy(3). Both set to clash tonight in what will undoubtedly be one of the … Read More

Hoofit’s totally right power rankings


Hoofit’s totally right power rankings This is more a tier system to rate the teams than an absolute ranking of where the teams will finish. Partially because of the nature of the groups Group A looks to be less challenging than B and partially because the best of three Quarterfinals can lead to unexpected outcomes. Nevertheless, here we go. The … Read More

Division A Grand Finals

Jaxter 37News

Date: Monday, October 21th, 7:00PM PST on twitch.tv/nexusgamingseries   Hey everyone, I’m Jaxster37, Editor in Chief and Division D/E writer, filling in for oddthought this week here to give everyone a brief preview of the Division A Grand Finals happening tonight. Tonight, we have two heavyweights ready to throwdown and give everything they have to prove they have what it … Read More

Division D West Finals

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Date: Friday, October 19th, 8:00PM PST on twitch.tv/linehouse   With That was Jimmy taking down United East on Wednesday, our attention must move to the West where tonight Mildly Interesting is going to be looking to take down the undisputed kings so far this season, Off-Brand Cereal. The two teams are fixing to go all out tonight as they vie … Read More

Division D East Finals

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Wednesday, October 17th, 6:00PM PST on twitch.tv/mystikhots   We’re nearing the end of our playoff journey and only 4 Division D teams remain: That was Jimmy(3) and United East(4) in the East and Off-Brand Cereal(1), and Mildly Interesting(6) in the West. This week, both regions will decide on their finalists to represent them in the Grand Finals. Let’s look at … Read More

Div C Finals Overview

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Div C Finals Overview The season is wrapping up and this is probably my penultimate article for the season. So, looking at the regional Semi-finals: for East, A Square and Four Triangles (1) beat Accel eSports (4) 2-0, while Gimme the D-Shield (2) won 2-1 over Minion Miners (3), for West, Arrogant Nephalem (1) defeated Virtual Murky Slayers (4) 2-0, … Read More