August Muster!

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Trolls GG

The enemy is at our gates and we are mustering our forces to be ready to turn the tide. Here is what we have upcoming this month: 1) Re-organized the Patreon Tier Structure (added the $5 Troll Hunter Tier), will be adding a limited $35 later this month. 2) Updated our Site Goals. -Patron only Blizzard Gift Card Drawing when … Read More

WhiteMane Initial Impressions

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WhiteMane Initial Impressions Overview: WhiteMane is the newest support added to Heroes of The Storm. Her basic kit is unique from other supports due to her healing capability is directly tied to her damage output. Kit: Trait: WhiteMain’s trait ties her damage output to her healing capability. WhiteMane’s healing abilities will apply Zeal to the target for 8 seconds. Allies … Read More