Day 1 predictions

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Day 1 predictions Please click here for an overall discussion of what I think will happen in the Eastern Clash. SPT 1 vs Blossom 2 SPT finished second in the league season and are the no 1 seeded Chinese team at the Eastern Clash by virtue of beating TheOne in their play-off finals.  Team Blossom barely qualified for the Eastern … Read More

Eastern Clash China, upsets and Gen.G

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The Western Clash just finished and it created plenty of talking points. Upsets aplenty with Team Liquid and Tempo Storm going out on the first day.  A great run from the unfancied Leftovers (EU’s 4th seed) which saw them reach the finals, and of course, Team Dignitas having an utterly dominant tournament not dropping a single map. The production was … Read More August Muster!

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Trolls GG

The enemy is at our gates and we are mustering our forces to be ready to turn the tide. Here is what we have upcoming this month: 1) Re-organized the Patreon Tier Structure (added the $5 Troll Hunter Tier), will be adding a limited $35 later this month. 2) Updated our Site Goals. -Patron only Blizzard Gift Card Drawing when … Read More

Western Clash Day 1 Predictions

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By Anne Elise Morrigan   So, this is an attempt to start doing more moment-to-moment coverage for Trolls.GG. I’m going to try to fill the gaps when it seems like no one is writing content. Want some analysis for what’s going to happen? Hopefully, we have you covered! So what’s gonna happen on the first day? We know one thing: … Read More