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Our friend Goon is involved in a new Podcast! WildHeart Gaming is a new and fun eSports team. Please give them a listen and support their podcast. Give them a follow on Social Media: https://twitter.com/WildHeartGaming https://discord.gg/HVAGcBN or Join their discord: https://discord.gg/HVAGcBN   Dorshe1Nate “dorshe1” Louderback has proved that he can obtain useless scraps of paper with a Masters Degree in … Read More

Bush League Playoff Preview – Special Gankbush Squad + Trolls.gg Episode!

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Podcast (the-nexus-trolls): Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Google Podcasts | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSSBush League playoffs start next week! That means a special podcast event with Gankbush Squad and Trolls.gg. The hosts for this show are FringeAverage (GankBush Squad) member of Team Try Harder, TruMrFu member of Best Coast Knight Owls, and Dorshe1 … Read More

TruMrFu’s Bush League Week 9 Preview

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The final week of the regular season for Bush league season 2 is here. After looking at the rankings this week, there is quite the race for the final spot in the upper playoff bracket, also known as the Chuck Norris Bracket. There is also a chance we end up with a tie for 4th place as well, and even … Read More

Midland ESports 2018-2019 Preview

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Midland ESports 2018-2019 Preview Welcome Warriors! The 2018-2019 collegiate eSports season is upon us. Midland University brought in Nathan Ragsdell, an experience eSports coach and grandmaster Overwatch League Player, to lead their eSports teams this season. At this time the eSports program will compete in three separate games, Overwatch, Hearthstone, and League of Legends. The current roster for the Midland … Read More

Day 1 predictions

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Day 1 predictions Please click here for an overall discussion of what I think will happen in the Eastern Clash. SPT 1 vs Blossom 2 SPT finished second in the league season and are the no 1 seeded Chinese team at the Eastern Clash by virtue of beating TheOne in their play-off finals.  Team Blossom barely qualified for the Eastern … Read More