February 24, 2018 at 1pm EST

Creators of the Storm

Watch your favorite podcasters, writers, casters and website creators duke it out playing Heroes of the Storm.

This light-hearted tournament will consist of four teams with players representing various podcasts and websites.  The day will start off with a "Group Stage" round robin, followed by a "Best of Three" single elimination tournament.  The combination of crazy drafting rules, unorthodox game modes and great personalities will make this an event you won't want to miss!

Catch it live Twitch.tv/TrollsGG

Your Favorite Podcasters

All teams in the tournament will be made up of mash ups from various podcasts, writers and other content creators in the Heroes of the Storm community.

Themed Games

Each game in the tournament will have it’s own drafting rules. Will it be “Horde vs. Alliance”, “Reverse Draft”, “All Supports”? The game types will be randomly selected at the start of the event.

Live Giveaways

We’ll be giving away a wide variety of promo codes for free skins, heroes and more! Make sure you catch the action live to have your chance to win!

The Hosts




Tournament Participants


BlizzPro is a comprehensive website that covers news related to all of Blizzard's properties.


Geeks Of Azeroth

Tarley, Britzza and SleepyGary host this Blizzard gaming and community podcast, covering the latest news and discussions in all of our favourite Blizzard games


GankBush Squad

GankBush Squad is a Heroes of the Storm community fan podcast where all of the co-hosts represent all levels of play from bronze type players all the way up to master level players.


Heroes Forge

Join Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton on a fun and lighthearted journey to “envision” new heroes from the Blizzard universe for use in Heroes of the Storm.



HeroesHype is a premiere Heroes of the Storm organization that serves to foster growth in pro players, esports staff, and influencers.


Lords of the Storm

A weekly Heroes of the Storm podcast hosted by TBK, Multi and Gizmo, covering news, strategy and more!


Nexus Commentaries

Community of top level casters casting Heroes of the Storm content


The Nexus Trolls

Heroes of the Storm podcast hosted by Daz, Mystic and Liqiud covering the latest news, strategies and hot topics in the Heroes of the Storm community.


Realm Maintenance

Realm Maintenance, hosted by Rho, is a bi-weekly podcast, that is your source for connecting with podcasts covering all Blizzard games.


Town Hall Heroes

The HotS show that covers all things esports. Live Wednesdays at 6PM ET on http://twitch.tv/arcane8 with Hosts Solid Jake, DunkTrain and Bakery


Trollin HGC

Trollin HGC is a weekly podcast about Heroes of the Storm esports that’s hosted by LiQiuD and Bahgz


The Weekly Blizz

If you can’t keep up with all the eSports for Blizzard’s titles, Gwozz and Bahgz here to catch you up every week!