Bush League Power Rankings Week 2

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Bush League week 2 has wrapped up. The feeds have not dissapointed, and the overall skill has been better than anticipated. This year we’ve put together our “Bush-Trolls Panel,” experts on feeding, consisting of Casters Soken and GoonHots. Each week I will be (Virtually) sitting down with them, diving deep into the darkest corners of their minds, in hopes that they can help shed light on the feeds and throws that are Bush League.  

Week 2 Highlight Video.


#1 – Best Coast Knight Owls (Record: 2-0-0 pts 6)(Avg MMR 2493) –

What seems to be the consensus #1 team within the community, also stands as the top team in our panel’s minds. Carried by Masters player, and arguably the best player in Bush League, Scott, BCKO stands as the last undefeated team. BCKO looked even stronger in week 2 then they did in their comeback wins in week one, but can they keep going? Or will the hype and praise get to this team’s head.

Things to watch: 1 word, Scott. How can this team work to protect Scott, and put him in positions to make plays. Will the other teams be able to draft around him, and if so, will someone else on the team be able to step up and make plays? Or will Scott’s notorious Rage take the team over, and BCKO falls into ash.

#2 -Gaddie and the Jets (Record 1-1-0 pts 3) (Avg MMR 2476) –

Jiggly and the Muffs, now known as Gaddie and the Jets, was the talk of the Discord after week one. The infamous Jiggly blow up after falling to BCKO was single handedly the greatest out of game event in Bush League History. It seemed like the big asterisk for this team coming into this season was tilt, and it didn’t take long. After losing Jiggly, the team moved on, cutting ties with Jiggly and bringing in the new blood, Mlgaddie86. With this new roster, they go into week to and face the League of Ordinary Gentlemen. Not only do they get the sweep, but they looked even stronger than week one.

Things to watch: The chat bar. Whether it’s one of the GatJ players sending out the team moto, “Get Fucked,” to the enemy team, or someone of the enemy team telling them “Tilt Fuckers,” the shit talking wont end. But will the attitude and arrogance take hold, and will this team lose another member after their next loss?

#3(T) – Try Harder (Record 0-0-2  pts 2) (Avg MMR 2513) –

Led by FringeAverage, host of the GankBush Squadcast, Team Try Harder is as you expect after 2 weeks, average, finishing with 2 ties. Luckily for them, being average can get you tied for 3rd place in Bush League. Try Harder has the highest average MMR in the league at 2513, 13 points above the MMR cap of 2500. Again, lucky for Try Harder, Captain FringeAverage is on the rules committee for Bush League, so rules don’t apply. Try harder has shown glimpses of mechanical greatness, showing they can stand with the top teams in this league, but twice as many times they’ve shown that they can throw a game and crumble when on the brink of victory.

Things to watch: Draft. Captain FringeAverage is known for putting in hours of work scouting and planning for these drafts, but will his team listen to the man with all the answers, well except for how to get out of silver. Also, will Spolissak play Kerrigan again, and if so, will he land a combo?

#3(T) – Xtra Cheese (Record 1-0-1 pts 4) (Avg MMR 2366) –

Xtra Cheese’s teamfights aren’t pretty, the Macro can be even worse, but they win. Xtra cheese has hung around every game they’ve been in, and in all but 1 have been able to win a late team fight, and take a victory, their only dropped map came to Try Harder in week 2. With the late addition of OldBackpack, the team looks to be working out kinks in communication, but could be a contender come playoff time.

Things to Watch: PetTHEfisH. Xtra Cheese is playing without PetTHEfisH for the first few weeks. All we know about this fish is his MMR is 1725, the lowest mmr in the league. How will this team look with the full roster, stronger or weaker? Also, will Oldbackpack ever play a good hero, or will he stick with the heroes that were good the last time he finished his placements in Hero league, Arthas and Artanis?

#5 – League of Ordinary Gentleman (Record 1-0-1 pts 1) (Avg MMR 2502) –

League of Ordinary Gentlemen, the roster that struck fear into the League. Led by Rozai, the Alarak God from season 1, and MysticShroud, the Legendary Asian Knight from The Nexus Trolls podcast. Supported by players with Bush League experience in Ender Wiggin and Loksley, and well as the HGC expert Bahgz. But after 2 weeks, they’ve only won one map, and that one win was handed to them on a silver platter. This team is very top heavy when it comes to MMR balance, and because of that, expectations are on Rozai and MysticShroud to deliver.

Things to Watch: Role Swaps. Many people in the community are saying this team needs to put one of Rozai or Mystic on Tank. But will either of them be willing to, or are they even able. Or will Rozai and Mystic be mentor there teammates and help them grow into their roles? One thing is for sure, this team needs to shore up their frontline, and soon.

#6 – Fourteen Underage Children Kneeling (Record 1-0-1 pts 4)(Avg MMR 2469)

Team Fuck. 1 win and 1 tie after 2 weeks, good enough to be tied for second place on the leaderboards. But they stand as the 6th best team according to our panel. Week one they were able to steal a map, thanks to the worst Kerrigan play in Bush League History by their opponent. Week 2 they were able to go 2-0 against revolt, but they had 3 subs between the 2 games. This team has the highest potential to feed, and team captain Zexerous’s 5 deaths just seem to good to be true for team Fuck, although DJTyrant is doing his best Zex impersination with his second highest deaths in the league with 11. The Bush-Troll Panel doesn’t have confidence in team Fuck’s commitment to the game, and it’s just a matter of time until the feed fest begins.

Things to watch: Death counter. Like stated before, this team has the highest potential to feed. Led by the season one champion of feeds, Zex and team look to get to that middle fight and stay there until nobody is left. They also have so pretty good players in Digitality and EBsgrafic.

#7 – Revolt (Record 0-1-1 pts 1) (Avg MMR 2495) –

Rumor is that these guys have been playing as a 5 man in NGS and other leagues for years. They sure looked like it after game one of week one. Putting on a clinic and destroying LoOG, led by Pizza’s Alarak play. Game two is not the same story, throwing the game, starting with Pizza’s Alarak dashing into the entire enemy team and getting destroyed. Revolt then did the one thing every experienced team knows you can’t do in the late game, staggered deaths. Week 2 they get 2-0’d but a makeshift team Fuck. The inconsistencies are real with this team

Things to watch: Chemistry. This team’s strength is in their chemistry. If they are going to be able to make a run in this league, it’s going to be though their ability to play together. They can’t have Alarak’s diving into enemy teams by themself. They can’t be playing games against team Fuck and have Zexerous with zero deaths.

#8 – Felominashal! (Record 0-2-0 pts 0) (Avg MMR 2321) –

The lowest average MMR in the league goes to Felominashal!, and through 2 weeks they’ve looked like it. They haven’t won a single map. But if you look closer they have played 2 of the top teams in the league, including week 2 against BCKO, and they did it without team captain Shin. This team is the underdog of the season, and has nothing to lose. If they are able to get some consistency in their roles they may be able to grow as a team and catch a few teams off guard that are underestimating them. Felominashal! Has the opportunity to take

Things to watch: Draft Compositions. A team with great synergy and little to lose is the recipe for some wild drafts. I expect this team to pull out a few unorthodox drafts with season, especially the renowned Leiferickson Vikings play.

I know you have thoughts and opinions. Come let us know your thoughts in the Bush League Discord!

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