Bush League Power Rankings Week 3

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Each week I will be (Virtually) sitting down with our Bush-Trolls Committee, made up of casters and HOTS experts Goon and Soken. In a week full of bizarre drafts, terrible engagements, and even more feeds, 2 teams have secured their spot at the top of the rankings while the rest of the league seems to be even more in limbo than before. But which team had the best feeds, and was able to impress our Committee the most.


#1 – Best Coast Knight Owls (Record: 3-0-0 pts 9)(PW Rank #1) –

Scott just has no respect for anyone in this league. He will walk right into the enemy team and just right click them to death, but so far, nobody has made him pay. Prior to the start of the season there was talk of Scott’s tilt being the X-Factor for this team, but when you win every game, there isn’t much tilt, even the angriest of players. Will anyone be able to break this team down and take a game?


#2 -Gaddie and the Jets (Record 2-1-0 pts 6) (PW Rank #2 ) –

Gaddie and the Jets, or as team captain Grizzly called them “Gaddie and the Subs,” went into week 3 with 3 subs. Clearly it didn’t matter since they were still able to get a 2-0 victory against try harder. It looks as if as long as this team has Grizzly shotcalling, they will be able to compete with anyone. GatJ have by far the best macro in the league, and they are able to take advantage of the lane pressure they create. At this time it looks like they may be the only competition for BCKO. Get Fucked™


T#3 – Try Harder (Record 0-1-2  pts 2) (PW Rank #3) –

Our Committee couldn’t agree on who the 3rd, 4th, and 5th place teams were. But they wanted to make sure it was explicitly clear that it wasn’t because they were all so good, it was because they were all so terrible. The first of the turds is Try Harder. The drafts for Try Harder in week 3 looked like random QM que, and the execution in game looked even worse. After their opponent took Kaelthas in the 1/2 slot, Try Harder took a triple warrior comp, while also leaving Maiev open, even though everyone in the league knows GatJ have a Maiev player. In game 2 they did a role swap, but also went into a Zarya/Vikings comp with solo dps Kelthuzad. The comp made no sense during draft, and clearly made no sense to the team in game. It also doesn’t help much that Kelthuzad didn’t finish his quest the entire game. What was supposed to be this teams strengths, ended up being their achilles heel in week 3, that being their drafting and Spolissack. Try Harder is trying hard after their week 3 loss, by making a roster swap and adding Hashbrowns. But unless this team figures out their drafting and in game coordination, no role swaps are going to help them.


T#3 – Xtra Cheese (Record 1-1-1 pts 4) (PW Rank #4) –

The second team fighting for third place is Xtra Cheese. Playing without their solo laner OldBackpack, it looked as if Xtra cheese didn’t know how to replace him. In both their week 3 games they didn’t even draft a standard solo laner. For their game on Braxis XC had Falstad solo lane, and on Cursed Hallow they went with a composition comprised of ETC, Medivh, Guldan, Hanzo, and BW. The games went about as one would expect, Falstad getting demolished on Braxis, and on Cursed Hallow they looked very confused during the laning phase, and didn’t look much better on their team fight engages. This team still hasn’t played a game all season with their full roster, so lets hope they don’t take long to get coordinated. Luckily for them, the rest of their competition in the league looks just as bad.


T#3 – Revolt (Record 1-1-1 pts 4) (PW Rank #7) –

The team that looked like they improved the most from week 2 was Team Revolt. They looked strong in their showing against Xtra Cheese. Very strong macro, great engages, and a great understanding of Whitemanes power as a healer, taking her in both games. How much of this success is due to Xtra Cheese pooping the bed? We will find out. But Revolt did what they needed to, they took advantage of XC having a sub and got the 2-0 win against lesser team, and that’s all they can do. This team looks to be hitting their stride and they will have a chance next week to prove their standing when they take on Gaddie and the Jets.

#6 – Fourteen Underage Children Kneeling (Record 1-0-2 pts 5) (PW Rank #6)

Team Fuck took on Felominashal! in week 3, and did not look good. Including a map loss on Braxis Holdout, when Felo had Nazeebo as their solo laner. DJTyrant is a God on tank, but his teammates are mere mortals. Fuck is currently holding 2nd place in the standings, and perhaps they can continue to hold it if the rest of the league continues to piss the bed. But if this team wants to ever be a real contender, then maybe they should stop playing Battle for Azeroth and get some games in. Casual Plebs. I mean, they lost to Felominashal!


#7 – League of Ordinary Gentleman (Record 0-2-1 pts 1) (PW Rank #5) –

The LooGies, still trying to find their rhythm but still having the same issues. The coordination between the frontline and the assassins isn atrocious. When one engages, the other backs out. They decided to stick with Mystic and Rozai on dps in game one, and it looked the same as prior games. Game 2 they made a swap, finally moving Rozai onto Muradin. But then Loksley forgot to pay his internet bill and DC’d multiple times at the start of the game. The match had to be remade and they had to have a sub fill in for Loksley, but it looked like Rozai was the only other person who could play Hanzo so he had to switch back off of Muradin. Again they were picked apart by BCKO. This team still has the highest potential to be a great team, but can they figure it out before it’s to late?.


#8 – Felominashal! (Record 0-2-1 pts 0) (PW Rank #8) –

Felo was able to grab their first win in week 3 against team fuck on Braxis Holdout. Their team fight coordination was incredibly impressive. They were able to bait out the Hammer self-cleanse, then Judgment, into Colossal Smash, into Ring of frost. But Felominashal still has a lot of work to do in their macro and drafting. They still rely very heavily on Stitches, and they still don’t seem to understand what makes a good solo laner. This week they went with Stitches on Towers of Doom and Nazeebo on Braxis. Better teams will be able to abuse that flaw in a composition. This team looks to be improving, and looks a lot stronger with all 5 members, but they still have a long way to go.

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