Bush League Week 1


This article contains spoilers on results.
Team 4
TowerBarron 2

The inaugural round of Bush League kicked off with an intense game between Team 4 and Tower Barrons².  The draft of this singular games speaks loudly of each team’s potential play style and how they may proceed through the rest of the league.

Both teams placed a heavy emphasis on comfort heroes that would allow each member to optimally perform. This intense match was filled with a plethora of playmaking moments from both teams. Players to watch in this game are Grizzly64 on his utility based Medivh and SooperDaive on his killer Greymane. This game was much closer when compared to the other of the night, bringing in just under 50 viewers at one point. This close match ultimately ended with TowerBarron² taking the map off of Team 4.

Something to look for in each team when watching this series:

Team 4

  • Rotational/Macro Awareness
  • Ability to remain unphased from picks


  • Aggressive Wombo-Combos
  • Ability to react to enemy playstyles

Please Don't Ban Diablo

The second game of Bush League took place between FTBRG and Please Don’t Ban Diablo. Similar to the first game between Team 4 and Tower Barrons², this game relied on players comfort heroes to allow them to perform optimally.

It should be noted the team of Please Don’t Ban Diablo was operating with a sub for their very first game of Bush League; as stated in the team introduction article, Please Don’t Ban Diablo’s primary strength is their comradery, so the substitution of standard EBSgrafic for the fill-in Grizzly64 may have had a more profound impact on the game than one may first assume. Standout members to watch in this game include Rozai on a standard Maiev and Blemsie on an unorthodox Varian. This series ended with FTBRG convincingly taking the set against Please Don’t Ban Diablo.

Something to look for in each team when watching this series:


  • FTBRG reliance on Maiev within draft
  • Ability to snowball advantages with an aggressive reset playstyle

Please Don't Ban Diablo

  • Ability to adapt with a substitution player
  • Role flexibility compared to each player’s normal hero pool.

Series to Watch

Team 4 vs Tower Barron² is easily the game to watch this week. This match was very close in comparison to the other game that took place in the inaugural set of Bush League games. The set between Team 4 and TowerBarron² includes some meta drafting mentality with a bit of the usual GankBush spice; this series is a good indicator about the future play styles in this league.