Bush League Week 2


This article contains spoilers on results.
Team 4
Please Don't Ban Diablo

Week 2 of Bush League started off with a very innovative match between Team 4 and PDBD. When analyzing the draft of this game, one can see that the many players in this game are playing much further out of their comfort zones when compared to the previous week. This flexibility of this game can be seen in Lord ‘Boo and Daz switching roles to allow a Tassadar/Tracer set up in an attempt to beat Blemsie on Fenix. Team 4 was matched in the flexibility as GhostBear played a secondary support Li Li along with TowerBarron’s impressive Brightwing.

The star player of this game can easily be seen in TowerBarron. TowerBarron is commonly referred to as a mediocre silver-bronze level player, however with his Brightwing play in this match it is clear he can rise to the occasion when needed.

Things To Look For

Team 4

  • Attempt to exploit hero pools
  • Attempt to adapt to a controversially strong hero

Please Don't Ban Diablo

  • Double support play style
  • Ability to flex roles while also staying with in comfort

Play Of The Game
Tower Barron2

The final match of the second week of Bush League took place between TowerBarron² and FTBRG. This match resembles the first of the night in the fact that there was a variety of role adjustments in draft to achieve a desired draft. The most notable adjustment can be seen as the traditional offlaner Zunicorn flexes onto a main-tank Diablo. It is worth noting that in this game TowerBarron²’s substitute player’s (Yelly) first game took place this week as Grizzly64 was unable to make the game.

The star player of this match goes to Zunicorn. This player was chosen due to his ability to successfully adapt his role in draft. Zunicorn also was able to achieve top hero damage compared to all members who participated in the second week of Bush League.

Things To Look For


  • Ability to adapt to substitute players
  • Attempt to create macro pressure through wave clear
  • Ability to recover after multiple bad fights


  • Heavy reliance on Lucio in draft
    • Leviathan also picked Lucio extremely early in week one
  • Attempt to unsuccessfully mix a dive and poke playstyle

Play Of The Game

Series To Watch

TowerBarron² vs FDBRG is the game to watch for the second week of Bush League. This game was chosen due to the comeback that TowerBarron² was able to achieve through superior exploitation of FDBRG inability to check bushes in the late game. This series also displays many weaknesses in both teams that others may be able to exploit in the future.

Week 2 Statistics

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