Buy or Sell: #HGC EU – Week 2

Anne EliseNews

Starting this week, I am doing a weekly feature on where I will play “Mad Money” with the current goings-on in HGC. These will be fun articles where I tell you whether or not I think a team is on the rise, a team is falling, or something else in HGC is going well or needs a little work. Please remember, these are tongue-in-cheek articles, no one is really buying or selling anything, and this is just to start debate and discussion about how the pro scene is going for NA and EU.

Right now, EU is probably, from top to bottom, the best region to watch in HGC. I find the European meta to be a lot of fun. We have creative players and drafts, and the games are often just a treat to watch. Is EU the best region? Well, maybe if Blizzard would give us a Korea/Europe Clash instead of the Western and Eastern Clashes each phase, we might be able to find that out for certain. That said, I love watching EU matches as they have been the most fun to watch for all of last season and, so far, this season.

So, what’s good in EU? Well…

BUY – Team Dignitas, 3-0 in matches, 9-0 in games

I thought with Bakery retiring and Mene going to Fnatic, Dignitas would have growing pains. Nope. And just who is POILK?

And it all worked! Zaelia is stepping into Bakery’s support shoes just fine, and POILK is making people like me, who didn’t know who he was, have to look up how to spell his name repeatedly!

I was wrong. Team Dignitas is for real, and they should be considered as odds-on favorites in every match until the Mid-Season Brawl.

Also, let’s just hope I didn’t jinx them with the same bad mojo as my Tempo Storm call (see my Buy or Sell NA article).

SELL – Leftovers, 0-3 in matches, 0-9 in games

Sadly, Leftovers looks like BeGenuises, Synergy, and Team Good Guys all over again. I want to find good things to say about this team, but I fear that they are just outclassed by the rest of Europe and that we will be seeing them return to the crucible just after having won their way into HGC through the crucible. They will probably survive, though, seeing as how they know what the EU Open Division is all about. It just hurts to see new teams struggle.


Zealots topping Fnatic made week 1 me, who was singing the praises of the mad scientist adrd, talking about how the Zealots were going to be the fourth team for the clash, feel a lot better. It made me feel bad, too, because I had picked Fnatic, but I felt justified in my pre-season faith in the moves that Zealots had made. That being said…

SELL – Zealots going to the Western Clash

It’s going to be Tricked instead. Tricked Esports having a win over Zealots will break the tie between the two teams, so Zealots are going to have to get into the Mid-Season brawl before we can see them on the global stage. I do think that in Phase 2, we will see this team compete for the top spot in EU, but we aren’t there yet. This team has a long way to go, even if they did just top the Blizzcon runners up.

BUY – Team Liquid (for now)

I have been a fan of this Team Liquid core since they were mYinsanity, through being Misfits, and now as Liquid.

And as soon as Team Liquid acquired them, I got scared. Team Liquid’s history in Heroes of the Storm competitive has been, to be blunt, bad. I started to think that the organization was cursed when it came to this game because they were constantly trying to be in this scene, and they could not field a competitive team. Team Liquid is one of the most storied esports franchises in the world. To see them try and fail with heroes repeatedly really worried me. Last year, in Phase 2, it was painful to watch the EU team I was cheering for struggle after they had previously looked so dominate in phase 1, but then didn’t even make the Mid-Season Brawl.

For now, Team Liquid looks to be in the top four for EU. For now, I will continue to knock on wood and hope this doesn’t collapse.

Picks for Week 3

Here we go:

Team Dignitas 3-0 over Leftovers

Team Liquid 3-2 over Tricked

Fnatic 3-2 over Tricked

Zealots 3-1 over Method

Team Liquid 3-1 over Method

Fnatic 3-1 over Diamond Skin

Match of the week

Team Liquid vs Tricked on Friday will tell us a lot about who is going to the Western Clash. Tricked has the worst weekend with two tough matches. Liquid needs to build confidence to erase last year.

That being said, until Team Dignitas loses a match, every match they play is another step towards perfection. You pretty much have to make Team Dignitas required viewing.