Buy or Sell: #HGC EU – Week 6, Part 1, Phase 2 2018

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Buy or Sell is, hopefully, a weekly feature on where I will play “Mad Money” with the current goings-on of HGC. These will be fun articles where I tell you whether or not I think a team is on the rise, a team is falling, or something else in HGC is going well or needs a little work. Please remember, these are tongue-in-cheek articles, no one is really buying or selling anything, and this is just to start discussion about how the pro scene is going for NA and EU.

Back to the weekly grind after the Western and Eastern Clashes, Week 6 of Part 1 did not disappoint. At the Western Clash, we learned a lot about where the “Top 4” in EU stood, with Team Dignitas clearly on top, Zealots nipping at their heels, Fnatic needing a little work (though they had a sub), and Method getting bounced by an NA team (more on that later). For a lot of people, Zealots came out of nowhere, 4th place in EU, but they had beaten Dignitas to get into the Clash.

For me, I’ve been on the Zealots hype train from the start, even if it failed to leave the station as I was sprinting down the tracks:

But that didn’t exactly go well. Zealots would drop that series to Tricked and the follow-up the next day dropping to Team Liquid. But, after starting 0-2, Zealots made the Clash, lost to Tempo Storm, ran the table in the losers bracket, and took Team Dignitas to the limit, so things have clearly turned around.

In week 6, Zealots bodied the two lowest teams, Diamond Skin 3-1, and Leftovers 3-0, so the question to ask is, buy or sell?

BUY – Zealots as a top team.

Not as the top team; I still think that’s Dignitas. That being said, Zealots look to be in firm control of their fate and, if they continue to play as they have been, Zealots are a lock for the Mid-Season Brawl, where they will be competitive against the Korean teams. Also…

BUY – Team Dignitas, early, often and always.

Scary moment in Week 6 as Team Liquid (still my favorite team in EU) got up 2-0 on the champs. Dignitas not only fought back to complete a reverse sweep, but they turned right around and swept their long time arch rivals Fnatic. Dignitas is easily one of the top three teams in the world, as I’m sure they are better than one of the top three Korean teams. I just don’t know which one.

SELL – Team Liquid making the Mid-Season Brawl

This hurts. Team Liquid is and has been my EU team ever since they were mYinsanity. The heartbreaking loss to Team Dignitas leaves them in 5th place and they are two matches behind the pack. You can wrap Tricked esport up in this “sell” because both teams lack consistency.

BUY – Team Liquid is cursed in Heroes of the Storm.1

OK, just, humor for a moment. Please? Thank you.

Sports is famous for superstition and curses, and I have one for you. Team Liquid, as an organization, is cursed when it comes to competitive Heroes of the Storm. Not this roster, but look at the history of the organization. In 2015, they won four major tournaments, but were bounced in the group stages of the EU championships, and didn’t get to BlizzCon.

In 2016, won their group in the first qualifier for BlizzCon (Dreamhack Valencia), and was then swept by Team Dignitas in the semifinals. In the second qualifier for BlizzCon, Team Liquid failed to qualify, losing to CrowingCocks (real team name) in Qualifier 1, not making the quarterfinals of Qualifier 2, and falling to “GoogleIsshetZont” (yes, that was a real team name in 2016) in the semis of Qualifier 3.

When Team Liquid Picked up the Misfits roster (the current core is from that roster) they were clearly on top of EU having dominated Part 1, Phase 1 of 2017, but finished third at the Clash. They missed the Mid-Season Brawl, while Fnatic and Team Dignitas went on to be giant slayers. They made the Western Clash in Part 2, but again missed BlizzCon after being bounced in the first round by Zealots!

Team Liquid, one of the most storied franchises in all of esports, is cursed in Heroes of the Storm!

1Editor’s Note: This is Anne being crazy and her thoughts about an organization being cursed do not reflect the views of

BUY – Leftovers and Diamond Skin will remain competitive.

The best surprise of Week 6 was how good the bottom two teams looked. Both teams sent a clear message: sleep on us and we will punish you. Leftovers took a series off Method, and Diamond Skin upset Tricked esports.

All in all, EU looks to be the best region in terms of having consistently competitive matches from top to bottom.

Predictions for Week 7


  • Team Dignitas over Leftovers 3-0
  • Team Liquid over Tricked esport 3-2


  • Fnatic over Tricked esport 3-1
  • Zealots over Method 3-0


  • Team Liquid over Method 3-2
  • Fnatic over Diamond Skin 3-1

Yes, I just went to great lengths to tell you I think Team Liquid is cursed, but they are still my favorite team, and they are more consistent than both Method and Tricked are right now. Also, I want them to break the curse.

Match of the Week:

Liquid vs. Tricked could send one of these teams closer to competing for an MSB spot and the other team to trying hard to stay out of crucible range. It is a must watch on Friday.

That said, Method has something to prove against Zealots, as they are trying to stay in the top 4. I think it will be a sweep, but Method was adrd’s old team (when they were Team expert), and they’d like to pull the upset on the mad scientist. Which means adrd is coming prepared, and I can end this article with another tweet from January 19th, when I was on the Zealots hype train all alone, in Week 1: