Chair League Announces New Season


On March 6, 2018 Chair League announced that their new season will begin in two weeks, on March 20.

The new season will run for eight weeks followed by a playoff. Details for the new season are as follows:

Registration Changes:

  • Registration fee is $24 per team.

Division Changes:

  • Recreational Division: This division is created to be for friendly matches who want to play in a structured league at a casual level of play.
  • Competitive Division: This division is created as a structured league for players looking to experience the competitive experience. Winners in the Competitive Division will be eligible for tournament prizes.
  • The All-Star Tournament: This tournament draws from players in the Competitive Division to make new “All-Star” teams.

Schedule Changes:

  • Game days are Tuesday and Thursday
  • Game times are ‘Early Bird’ (5 p.m PST) or ‘Night Owl’ (8 p.m. PST).
  • Each division will have an Early Bird and Night Owl league for each day (4 leagues total).

For more information visit the Chair League website, and you can sign up at the Chair League signup page.

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