Chair League Annual Holiday Cheer Extravaganza Tournament Announced for 2017


On November 20, 2017 Chair League announced that they were running a holiday tournament. Billed as the 'Chair League Annual Holiday Cheer Extravaganza' the preliminary rounds will take place on December 9th and the semi-finals and finals will be held on December 16th.

The tournament is structured as a 64 team single elimination tournament. The rounds of 64, 32, and 16 are Best of 1 and , the rounds of 8 and 4 are Best of 3, and the finals are a Best of 5.

The tournament is free to enter and has the following prize structure:

1st Place: Personalized Holiday Cards, Customer Chair League Holiday Mugs, and Homemade Cookies.

2nd Place: Personalized Holiday Cards and Custom Chair League Holiday Mugs

3rd & 4th Place: Personalized Holiday Cards

For more information visit the Chair League website, and you can signup at the Chair League signup page.

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