Div C Finals Overview

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Div C Finals Overview

The season is wrapping up and this is probably my penultimate article for the season. So, looking at the regional Semi-finals: for East, A Square and Four Triangles (1) beat Accel eSports (4) 2-0, while Gimme the D-Shield (2) won 2-1 over Minion Miners (3), for West, Arrogant Nephalem (1) defeated Virtual Murky Slayers (4) 2-0, while Tickle Me Tassadar (3) upset Sidestep (2) 2-1. I’ll give you a rundown of these teams and the heroes and players to look out for. A quick note, all of this information can be found on Stats of the Storm. To all the players who read this I encourage you if you play next season or are playing in the finals to use the tool as knowing is half the battle. So GLHF to all the teams playing this week and give it your all!


A Square and Four Triangles vs. Gimme the D-Shield

Casted by Bobo + Crowbot on twitch.tv/Prof_Bobo on Oct 16th at 6:30 PM PST

A Square and Four Triangles (1)

Looking at the stats for this team is scary. They all average less than 1.5 deaths per game, with an average of less than a minute of time dead. On top of that, their main tank Jooooooo plays all of the meta tanks. Though the NGS Season 5 database has not been updated, in the playoff games they did show they played Johanna on top of all of the other tanks. That brings Joooooooo’s hero pool to six tanks. You literally can not put Jooooooo on a hero that does not have at least an 84% win-rate on. Their team is extremely flexible, so it’s very hard to get them on something they are not comfortable with.

Gimme the D-Shield (2)

Rocking similar stats to A Spare and Four Triangles, the members of Gimme the D-Shield all die on average 1.8 times or less a game. And on top of that, they all stay dead for 1 minute and 2 seconds or less. Keep an eye out for Samwise and the team’s frontline. Gimme the D shield might not use Uther for their D shields, but they sure do love some Tyrael. They play some exciting heavy engage melee compositions on top of some more semi-standard play. So keep an eye on this team and their aggressive play style.


Arrogant Nephalem vs. Tickle Me Tassadar

Casted by Bobo + Crowbot on twitch.tv/Prof_Bobo on TBD at TBD

Arrogant Nephalem (1)

Consistency and Arrogant Nephalem go hand in hand. They have a number of heroes that they draft about 40% of the time. Chief among these is DaKillidan’s Ragnaros, which has a beastly 88.9% win-rate. Keep an eye out for those Molten Core plays that all of Arrogant Nephalem follow up on. Also SeGaTai has a monster of a Johanna, with a 90.9% win-rate. SeGaTai cleary is able to manipulate fights and get maximum value out of Johanna’s kit, so be warned. On top of all this the team boosts the same low death and death time numbers as the East teams do, with those being 1.6 and 1 minute and 7 seconds respectively.

Tickle Me Tassadar (3)

Making out of a tough best of three, Tickle Me Tassadar showed their tenacity. They come in with a slightly higher death count and times, 2.6 and 1 minute and 21 seconds respectively. Keep an eye out for Shiba and his solid assassin pool, playing not just mages, but dive heroes too. A flexible and reliable damage dealer at all times. Of course, behind every good assassin is a great support, and for Tickle Me Tassadar, that’s Bickle (or BKL21996). Rocking a 88.9% win-rate on Deckard, Bickle keeps the team alive and sustaining through the fights.

As usual, I’m your Div C writer RedConscript. I occasionally stream at twitch.tv/RedConscript. If you’d like to chit-chat, have any questions, suggestions, or concerns hit me up with a DM or @ me in discord.

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