Division A Grand Finals

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Date: Monday, October 21th, 7:00PM PST on twitch.tv/nexusgamingseries


Hey everyone, I’m Jaxster37, Editor in Chief and Division D/E writer, filling in for oddthought this week here to give everyone a brief preview of the Division A Grand Finals happening tonight. Tonight, we have two heavyweights ready to throwdown and give everything they have to prove they have what it takes to be champions. From the East, we have Zed Zed Zed, proving that the no.1 seed attached to their name is no accident. From the West, hot off of an extremely contentious regional finals, Adults with Jobs got the better of, up until that point, the lossless Archetype. Now, with that said, let’s dive into what makes these teams so special and the game plan for how to go to sleep tonight as champions.

Zed Zed Zed

Zed Zed Zed, after an impressive regular season performance of 8-2-1, have dominated this playoff season and have yet to drop a single map so far. Noobslice420, captain of the team, has worked with his team consistently since the beginning of the season to improve both their micro and macro play, and this seems to have paid off going 7-1-0 post week 1. In terms of heroes they’re most known for picking, special attention must be given to Sonya and Junkrat, both sitting on a 100% win-rate over 8 games. Combine that with Jaina, Alexstraza, Diablo, and Tychus and this is one deep hero pool. Seriously, the number of picks they are able to make and find success with is astronomical. I highly encourage everyone to take a look at the more than 26 heroes with above 50% win-rate on because any of them could make a presence tonight. Judging by these picks as well as the high priority on Tomb of the Spider Queen and Infernal Shrines, these guys like to rotate both for the stacking quests inherent to their characters but also for the pick opportunities Diablo and Junkrat provide. Now let’s take a look at just a sample of the stats Zed Zed Zed leads the region in. KDA (5.9), Least % Time Dead (3.5%), Least Damage Taken (183,305), and Keeps Destroyed (28). With that said, they are last place in overall healing, though that might be more due to how fast they tend to end fights without losing their people rather than a reflection of their healers overall performance. It is hard, after all, to heal those that don’t take that much damage in the first place.

Adults with Jobs

Adults with Jobs’ road to the Grand Finals might be a little less glamorous than that of Zed Zed Zed, however, they are no less deserving of praise. Going 6-4-1 during the regular season and 5-1 in the playoffs, only dropping a map to the no.1 seed Archetype, this team is definitely no joke. For their premiere hero picks, priority seems to rise on high damage aoe mages like Kael’thas and Azmodan behind the heavy frontline of Blaze, Yrel, and/or Johanna. Like Zed Zed Zed, it’s interesting to see Alexstraza as the top support here as well, though it seems like both have plenty of alternatives to fall back on if she’s gone, though it’ll be interesting to see if she gets possibly first banned on like Infernal Shrines or Volskaya Foundry. Speaking of maps I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the wider spread of games on the side of Adults with Jobs with only Braxis Holdout absent. As for their stats in comparison with the rest of Division A West, they lead in both siege and minion damage as well as overall healing. This along with the aforementioned hero picks points to a much heavier focus on the macro than Zed Zed Zed. We’ll see if that’s enough to carry them through to victory against quite a formidable team fight composition.

Keys to Victory

Draft is going to be very important during this series, more so than usual even. With overlapping top heroes like Johanna, Alexstraza, and Yrel, any team able to pull away one or more might have a significant advantage if the opposing team is prepared to live without them. The macro versus micro dynamic will be interesting to see play out as well. If Azmodan does get let through by Zed Zed Zed, will the counter be to deny stacks through something like Tyrael or a more harder gank squad. On the side of Adults with Jobs the denying of Sonya and Junkrat either through bans or picks is critical if they want to at least stand a chance since Zed Zed Zed is still undefeated with those heroes. Most importantly, denying or at least stalling quests like that of the regen globe one for Alexstraza can make a big difference in the mid game.

Being from Division A, it’ll be incredibly exciting to see just how good the competition has made both teams over the course of the season. Whoever pulls it out in the end will be more than deserving of our praise. With that said, I wish a hearty good luck to both teams as well as a thank you to all of the people who participated in NGS this season. It truly is a humbling experience to be surrounded by such great players and such fantastic individuals. Best of luck, and hoping to see you back for Season 6.

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