Division D East Finals

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Wednesday, October 17th, 6:00PM PST on twitch.tv/mystikhots


We’re nearing the end of our playoff journey and only 4 Division D teams remain: That was Jimmy(3) and United East(4) in the East and Off-Brand Cereal(1), and Mildly Interesting(6) in the West. This week, both regions will decide on their finalists to represent them in the Grand Finals. Let’s look at the Eastern match-up tonight and what its implications may be.

That was Jimmy

Unlike its bigger brother, This is Jimmy, up in Storm Division, That was Jimmy has been able to make quite a name for themselves in Division D East going a respectable 5-5-1 during the regular season, good enough to tie them in second with LuBu. LuBu being unexpectedly knocked out in the regional quarterfinals left a fairly easy bracket open for That was Jimmy. Regardless, Xul Gin Distillery, a veteran in the NGS scene took them to game three in what I imagine was quite a humbling experience going into the regional finals. As for the team itself they’ve relied heavily on meta standard of picks including Blaze, Johanna, Deckard, and Fenix, all of which sitting at a positive win-rate. Behind those are the slightly strange, but not unreasonable, back-ups of Yrel, E.T.C., Alexstraza, and Tychus. They’ve also been known to rip out Gul’dan, Whitemane, Genji, and Xul, so beware if you’re not prepared to deal with them. A couple average stats to keep in mind in relation to the rest of the region might be: They have a 3.8 KDA (4th), 3.8% time dead (1st), 177,734 Hero Damage (8th), and 81,514.091 Healing (5th).

United East

Untied East has the privilege of being the only team in the region not yet dominated going 4-7-0 this season. During their playoff run, they’ve had a significantly tougher schedule having to defeat the no. 5 Ban Cho and the no. 1 Wood League in what could be the upset of the playoffs. The team themselves has been able to find success with quite a collection of characters. There are the league standards of Raynor, Johanna, Fenix, and Diablo, but also the stranger picks of Leoric, Gul’dan, Arthas, and Nazeebo. They place a high priority on mages while trading off priority in terms of melee assassins and have been known to choose Tomb of the Spider Queen more than most teams because of it. For their league stats they are sitting on 3 KDA (7th), 4.8% time dead (3rd), 164,883 Hero Damage (11th), and 58,321 Healing (15th).

Previous Match-up

The last time these two fought was all the way back in week 2 so to refresh your memory, here’s a link to the match-up. Possibly a predictor of how tight this series might be, the series ended as a draw with neither team being able to put up the persona of being unstoppable for very long.


I think that the keys to victory tonight will be who can control the rotations with these mage heavy comps better, and on the flip side, which mages will get punished for stepping out too far. Especially on a map like Tomb where kills during rotations are very advantageous as they not only stop the soak, but also remove gems from each other’s pockets. And, as we all know, it only takes a few unfortunate deaths to snowball on a map such as that. Apart from that, I’ll be interested to see if the tank players DemonZerg and PidgeLocke will have some flashy plays to set up their team’s blow up. It’s possible the better team will simply be the one able to get their combos off in unison rather than what so many teams do which is raw Ring of Frosts and Purification Salvos.

Regardless, I can guarantee you if these teams both show up, we’re in for quite the treat. In both of their previous games it was impossible to tell who would win just because of one fight so beware the comeback train. Well, that’s just about it for this playoff breakdown. This should be an interesting series and I’ll be there in chat rooting for both teams so be sure to say hi. I’ll be sure to get out a Division D West and Division E preview this weekend as well so stay tuned.

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