Division D Grand Finals

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Date: Friday, October 26th, 6:00PM PST on twitch.tv/nexusgamingseries w/ Tudy and Mystik

Well, we’ve finally made it. What started out as 32 regular season teams has been narrowed down to two, one from the West and the other from the East: Off-Brand Cereal(1) and That was Jimmy(3). Both set to clash tonight in what will undoubtedly be one of the most exciting matches so far this playoff season. In case you missed my regional final match-ups, I’ve included the regular season report that I made for each below.

Off-Brand Cereal

What can you say about a team that sports a 11-0-0 record during the regular season? This team has dominated every other team they’ve been put up against and done it with style. Though, signs of cracks have formed with Lightly Salted taking a map off of Off-Brand Cereal for the first time this season just last week. We’ll dive into that later, and Mildly Interested might want to re-watch that game for a little extra bit of reassurance, but first, let’s take a look at some of the stats that tell the story this season so far. By sitting at a 100% win-rate on all heroes, the main stat to focus has to be pick-rate, in which their top picks seem to be Rehgar, Jaina, Falstad, Genji, E.T.C., and Blaze. Being sort of a mixed bag of old and new doesn’t bode well for teams looking to target ban or counter specific strategies. Between the stats and the games I’ve seen of them though, it looks as though they favor a very aggressive rotational 4-man with the ability to secure early game picks. E.T.C., Jaina, and Rehgar all fit well into this narrative as do their most popular maps of Infernal Shrines and Cursed Hollow. Some picks to watch out for beyond these though might be Gul’dan, Alexstraza, Zagara, and Illidan as they’ve been willing to fall back on them as well when their top picks are gone.

That was Jimmy

Unlike its bigger brother, This is Jimmy, up in Storm Division, That was Jimmy has been able to make quite a name for themselves in Division D East going a respectable 5-5-1 during the regular season, good enough to tie them in second with LuBu. LuBu being unexpectedly knocked out in the regional quarterfinals left a fairly easy bracket open for That was Jimmy. Regardless, Xul Gin Distillery, a veteran in the NGS scene took them to game three in what I imagine was quite a humbling experience going into the regional finals. As for the team itself they’ve relied heavily on meta standard of picks including Blaze, Johanna, Deckard, and Fenix, all of which sitting at a positive win-rate. Behind those are the slightly strange, but not unreasonable, back-ups of Yrel, E.T.C., Alexstraza, and Tychus. They’ve also been known to rip out Gul’dan, Whitemane, Genji, and Xul, so beware if you’re not prepared to deal with them. A couple average stats to keep in mind in relation to the rest of the region might be: They have a 3.8 KDA (4th), 3.8% time dead (1st), 177,734 Hero Damage (8th), and 81,514.091 Healing (5th).

Keys to Victory

Big difference between this series and all of the series that we have covered up until this point is that we usually have had a baseline of priors to go off of either by the previous match-up between two teams or at the very least second order guesses based on who they have played so far. Grand Finals are a whole separate ballgame. Without such information, we have to make educated guesses based on their performances so far both in the regular season and playoffs. Off-Brand Cereal has shown signs of mortality, dropping maps in both the semis and regional finals. That was Jimmy, with a rougher regular season, has only dropped one map so far in the playoffs. Coming off of last week’s games, it appears that the micro favored teams were able to best the, in my opinion, more macro and merc focused ones, leaving us with two fairly even team-fight based teams. Picks like Genji, Blaze, and E.T.C. are bound to have a heavy focus in the draft either as bans or first picks. Map choices will probably be in the realm of rotation maps like Infernal Shrines/Tomb of the Spider Queen, so getting picks will be crucial to establishing an early game lead. Players to watch out for might be the support of Off-Brand Cereal, springlock, and the flex of That was Jimmy, hitdog867. Both these players are leading their teams KDA and Time Alive statistics while also being near the top of the division stats for Kill participation and least deaths. These folks know how to be in the right spot at the right time and capitalize off of their opponents mistakes as Whitemane and Kael’thas respectively. As goes them in fights, so to goes the team.

Thanks once again to all of the teams that participated in and made this season so great. From all of us in the NGS crew, we’d like to congratulate everyone who made it to the end of the season with us. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being your writer for this season and I hope to see you back here for Season 6, hopefully with even more spice.

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