Division D West Finals

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Date: Friday, October 19th, 8:00PM PST on twitch.tv/linehouse


With That was Jimmy taking down United East on Wednesday, our attention must move to the West where tonight Mildly Interesting is going to be looking to take down the undisputed kings so far this season, Off-Brand Cereal. The two teams are fixing to go all out tonight as they vie to prove which will be the representative to face off against That was Jimmy next week. Last time these two teams faced was back on September 17th without a cast so it’ll be interesting to see what Mildly Interested’s strategy will be coming in. But before that, let’s cover the teams in general.

Off-Brand Cereal

What can you say about a team that sports a 11-0-0 record during the regular season? This team has dominated every other team they’ve been put up against and done it with style. Though, signs of cracks have formed with Lightly Salted taking a map off of Off-Brand Cereal for the first time this season just last week. We’ll dive into that later, and Mildly Interested might want to re-watch that game for a little extra bit of reassurance, but first, let’s take a look at some of the stats that tell the story this season so far. By sitting at a 100% win-rate on all heroes, the main stat to focus has to be pick-rate, in which their top picks seem to be Rehgar, Jaina, Falstad, Genji, E.T.C., and Blaze. Being sort of a mixed bag of old and new doesn’t bode well for teams looking to target ban or counter specific strategies. Between the stats and the games I’ve seen of them though, it looks as though they favor a very aggressive rotational 4-man with the ability to secure early game picks. E.T.C., Jaina, and Rehgar all fit well into this narrative as do their most popular maps of Infernal Shrines and Cursed Hollow. Some picks to watch out for beyond these though might be Gul’dan, Alexstraza, Zagara, and Illidan as they’ve been willing to fall back on them as well when their top picks are gone.

Mildly Interesting

Despite what the name might suggest, this team has been anything but, going 4-6-2 in the regular season and then having a spectacular run so far in the playoffs defeating both the Spicy Bois(3) and Longhorn Gaming(2) in 2-0 dominations after going 1-3 against both in the regular season. Let’s see if they can make magic happen and repeat the success they’ve been having again tonight. To do so, let’s see what heroes they’ve been having the greatest amount of luck with so far this season. First thing to notice is a much higher prioritization on their top heroes than that of Off-brand Cereal. Malfurion for example, has a pick-rate of 64% compared to Off-Brand Cereal’s Rehgar at 35%. Behind Malfurion, there is unlikely crew of Muradin, Cassia, Valeera, and Nazeebo. Not your everyday team league compositions, but things that have been proving to be fairly successful so far with a positive win-rate in addition to their high pick-rate. Almost as interesting as their hero picks is their map picks with 6 games on Sky Temple with an 83.3% win-rate to boot. A few more picks to keep in mind when the draft gets underway might be Varian, Chromie, and Zarya as well.

Keys to Victory

It’ll be very interesting to see these two teams, and in effect, these two playstyles meet tonight. It seems that Off-Brand Cereal is going to default to their tried and true method of hard engage pick comps to punish early game overextensions and snowball from there. On the side of Mildly Interesting, they’re going to want to stall this game out through their macro play to the point where heroes like Nazeebo come online. The stats from the region seem to support both of these points with Off-Brand Cereal boasting the 2nd best KDA in the region with 5.8 and lowest percent of time dead at 3.6%. Meanwhile, Mildly Interesting has their own promising numbers as they lead the pack in terms of Hero Damage (201,286) and Creep Damage (114,636). Last thing to note might be the replays from a week ago where Lightly Salted dealt Off-Brand Cereal their first loss this season on Battlefield of Eternity where the Kel’Thuzad and Artanis proved too much to deal with in the late game. Take a look before tonight’s game to get you in the mood, and remember that this only happened a week ago, so it’ll be fresh in both teams’ minds for sure.


This’ll be a fun match regardless and I can’t wait to see the reactions from the Division D/E chat. As long as my internet doesn’t cut out again (Thank you Airwaves), I’ll be on dropping stats and cheering for a game 3 at least. Stay tuned Division E for your Grand Final preview for this Sunday’s game as well. I know for certain that that one will be quite the game to write about. The Spiciness over the next few days will only increase no doubt.

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