Dorshes at the Gate!


A wild dorshe1 in natural habitat

Just when you thought your corner of the Internet was safe, a wild dorshe1 appears!

I'm glad to join with the Troll.GG Entertainment Network as a content creator.

Since this is my introductory post, I feel obligated to include my video gaming history! I didn't play too many games during high school, but once I went to college and could control my own schedule I fell in love with the PS2. I played mostly football games. On the PC, I loved Command and Conquer and then Star Craft.

After college I.... well. I got married and had kids. This was a dark time for my video game playing career. With two kids, a wife, and a full time job I didn't have much time to do anything. Fortunately, my kids got a bit older and on a more predictable bedtime schedule and I was able to start playing the Star Wars CCG collectible card game. Ultimately, I got back into Blizzard games by playing Hearthstone. Shortly after that I was introduced to my first MOBA game.... Heroes of the Storm and 2 years later that is pretty much the only thing I play. I am drawn to the complexity of the draft, mastering characters, and there are so many different interactions.

My true passion for HOTS is the amateur scene. Blizzard made this GREAT team game, and then didn't make it possible to play with a team easily. I enjoy leagues like Chair League*, Nexus Gaming Series, and Heroes Lounge. The teams in these leagues are playing the game how it was meant to be!

My hope is to put up at least one article a week regarding these amateur leagues and then assuming I can stomach some Hero League games, I will give a weekly update as I continue to mine my way up (currently in Silver Mine).

If you have any ideas for articles to write, please let me know. You can contact me in the Troll.GG Discord or twitter at @nlouderback.


*I am a sub for LIT Unknown a Division III Chair League