EU Open Division First Round Matchups


Team Singularity (1) vs Valhalla (8)

Team Singularity has held the no. 1 spot since the very first cup and they have looked  very strong throughout the Open Division. Whilst they have not gone to the semi-final in the last two cups they are the definite favourite here against a team that has less than half the points they have. I predict Team Singularity to win, perhaps dropping a game.

Granit Gaming (4) vs Team Go (5)

Granit Gaming has had a good season, having twice gone to the finals and even winning the last cup. Some may point to inconsistency with them getting knocked out before the round of 8 twice. This misses the point however, one of these poor finishes was the very first cup when they were finding their feet, and the other was against Worst Positioning who (playing in their first cup) had not been seeded and beat Granit Gaming early on.

Team Go on the other hand has not gone to the semi-finals since cup 3 and I don't see them getting top 4 in this tournament either. I expect Granit Gaming to win convincingly.

Teraz Rodzina (2) vs Worst Positioning (7)

This is my stand out match of the first round with one team (Teraz Rodzina) that has got to the finals three times (winning two), and the other (Worst Positioning) that has in the four cups they've played got a 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I actually believe that both of these teams could win the thing, so it’s unfortunate they are matched as a consequence of Worst Positionings late entry into the Open Division.

Teraz Rodzina won a close series between them back in cup 4, but Worst Positioning are improving as they gel together. I think this will go to 3 games with SonicLebeast being the playmaker that Worst Positioning needs to get them the 2-1 win.

Manticore (3) vs ePunks (6)

Manticore started well getting to the finals in the first two cups, but in the five cups since then they have not got to a semi-final; their nemesis Granit Gaming normally knocking them out. ePunks have had varying success but importantly in their last five cups they have three semi-finals and one final appearance. In their one match up ePunks won 2-1 and I see the same result, 2-1 in a best of 5 for ePunks.

My Power Rankings


Teraz Rodzina, Worst Positioning


Singularity, Granit Gaming

Dark Horses

ePunks, Team Go

Also Rans

Valhalla, Manticore