HGC NA Open Division 2018 Phase 2 Week 3


Spoilers follow about HGC NA Open Division 2018 Phase 2 Week 3. Slightly different format this week. The following are summaries and highlights of the matches.

The top 4 teams going into the semi-finals this week were: 

wrong orc vs Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru (OWMS) -AND- Freebirds vs TLR

Semi-Final 1: wrong orc vs Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

wrong orc won this series 2-0 over OWMS

Game to watch: I’d skip this series because of the significant talent difference between the teams.

Map 1 was Sky Temple chosen by wrong orc

Draft: Wrong orc goes with an early Abathur and then a Jaina clone target after second bans. OWMS goes with a Diablo and Zeratul to counter wrong orcs plans. Wrong orc last picks a surprise Illidan.

Early Game: Wrong orc plays pretty safely but OWMS gets the first kill and a level lead at the first objective. Wrong orc gets a kill and soaks so that both teams get 10 at almost the same time.

Mid-Game: A fight at the beginning of the objective goes in favor of OWMS with two kills to zero, giving them the objective and boss. The next team fight at the beginning of the third objective goes in favor of wrong orc with two kills to zero and wrong orc is finally up structures and a level over OWMS.

Late Game: Wrong orc wipes OWMS in a team fight in bottom lane right after the third objective. They pick up the boss and OWMS’ bruiser camp. OWMS has two keeps down and losses Diablo to bad positioning. Wrong orc pushes the core and wins at 16:31.

Take away: Early pick Yrel limited OWMS counter choices to Abathur. Zeratul didn’t get the value OWMS expected.

Map 2 was Towers of Doom chosen by wrong orc 

Draft: Really strange draft on this map. OWMS first picks Abathur and wrong orc counters with Dehaka. OWMS doubles down on Zeratul and wrong orc goes with a Sgt Hammer and then an even more surprising last pick: Valeera.

Early Game: OWMS bully wrong orc for the first few minutes of the match, getting two kills and taking wrong orc’s sapper camp in the bottom lane. OWMS tries this again at level 7 but their focus on Sgt Hammer turns bad for them and they lose the engagement zero kills to two. Wrong orc gets level 10 a little before OWMS.

Mid-Game: wrong orc continues to win team fights. OWMS start getting desperate and their play suffers. They try fights while down talent tiers and pay for it.

Late Game: Not much of a late game and wrong orc wins 26 shots to 0 at 15:36.

Take away: Triple global is hard even in coordinated teams.

Semi-Final 2: Freebirds vs TLR

Freebirds won this series 2-0 over TLR

Game to watch: Maybe watch Map 2 to see how Freebirds synergizes their traits and talents. Otherwise skip because of how one sided the games are.

Map 1 was Tomb of the Spider Queen chosen by Freebirds

Draft: TLR takes Tychus and Malthael in order to take advantage of Freebirds double warrior comp.

Early Game: Pretty even rotations through level four. Freebirds get the first turn in right before both teams turn level seven. They don’t get much done and both teams turn level 10 almost at the same time.

Mid-Game: TLR gets a turn in but doesn’t get much even after killing some of Freebirds. Freebirds are better at timing mercs and rotations. They get the next turn in and get the structure lead.

Late Game: Freebirds get level 16 first and the first keep in the bottom lane. With two kills on the push they then go take the boss and push top lane. They get four more kills and win the game at 15:55.

Take away: TLR’s draft counters couldn’t get the job done and team fights post-level 13 were difficult for them to win.

Map 2 was Towers of Doom chosen by TLR

Draft: Freebirds ban Abathur so they can first pick Yrel and TLR picks Dehaka for global. And then TLR turns it up to 11 with Zuljin and a double healer comp with Uther and Brightwing. Freebirds’ combo of Jaina and Fenix looks strong.

Early Game: TLR uses their globals effectively in team fights and get the advantage on the first objective and in team fights. TLR loses 3 heroes at the next objective in a 5v5 fight and are down shots and a level.

Mid-Game: Freebirds gets level 10 first and TLR’s bottom keep.TLR’s lack of damage starts showing when they try to gank the Yrel and can’t get the job done. TLR continues to get bullied by Freebirds through all of the mid game.

Late Game: There was no late game. Freebirds wins 29 shots to zero at 15:05.

Take away: TLR tried a different kind of comp and it didn’t work.

The Final: wrong orc vs Freebirds (Again x2)

wrong orc won this series 2-0 over Freebirds

This is another rematch from weeks 1 and 2’s finals. So far these two teams are the most dominant in the NA Open Division.

Game to watch: Map 2 on Towers of Doom shows how competitive these teams are. There’s a lot of back and forth and it makes the game very exciting.

Map 1 was Sky Temple chosen by wrong orc. Names are on the wrong sides for the first draft.

Draft: Freebirds ban Dehaka and first pick Abathur. Wrong orc counters with E.T.C., presumably for the global. Freebirds takes a last pick Valeera to prove she’s meta. Wrong orc takes a triple warrior comp.

Early Game: Soak and rotations are pretty standard through the first objective but Freebirds get the first kill on Arthas. Freebirds get level 10 first but wrong orc is only a few seconds behind.

Mid-Game: Freebirds win the team fight on the second objective and are up a level. Freebirds give up top lane fort and take wrong orc’s bottom and mid forts.

Late Game: Both team get level 16 at about the same time and wrong orc wins a team fight on their bottom camp. At level 19 wrong orc push bottom lane with the Siege camp when Yrel shows on the top shrine. Freebird engages wrong orc and wrong orc comes out on top in the team fight. Wrong orc don’t feel they can push the core and go for boss while Tyreal and Yrel are dead. Fenix and Valeera died due to bad positioning and wrong orc wins at 20:19.

Take away: wrong orcs had superior macro, camp timing, and shrine control.

Map 2 was Towers of Doom chosen by wrong orc

Draft: Freebirds ban Abathur in order to take first pick Yrel. Wrong orc pick fast and confident while Freebirds generally take their time to think through their choices. Wrong orc last pick Illidan.

Early Game: Wrong orc get the first kill on Yrel. Otherwise, rotations are standard. Wrong orc play a little aggressive with portals and Garrosh’s front line positioning. Both teams get level 10 at about the same time.

Mid-Game: Wrong orc demonstrate the strength of their comp in the two team fights after getting level 10 but they aren’t able to get any kills. Freebirds take a shot and level lead with several kills on wrong orc. Wrong orc get level 16 first, start winning fights, and tie the shot count.

Late Game: There’s a lot of back and forth fighting and trading of structures. Freebirds take wrong orc’s bottom camp but wrong orc come in to kill two heroes on Freebirds. Freebirds lose the next objective with two shrines and wrong orc win 8 shots to 0 at 20:55.

Take away: Wrong orc’s macro kept them even with Freebirds through the mid game and without that, they would not have been able to come back to win.