HGC NA Open Division Phase 1 Playoffs


Playoffs are here! The HGC NA Open Division Phase 1 playoffs begin Monday, April 2, 2017. You can check out the matches on www.twitch.tv/blizzheroes and www.twitch.tv/heroeshype. Per the HeroesHype Discord, the Monday games will be played on the live server and Tuesday and Wednesday will be played on the tournament realm in order to make sure all the matches are on the same patch. Fenix will thankfully be banned from play (all my hate). The matches will begin at 9pm EDT/6pm PDT.

You can find the brackets here.

The rules state that:

  • Day 1 will be the upper bracket round 1 as best of 3, lower bracket round 1 as best of 3, and upper bracket round 2 as best of 3.
  • Day 2 will be the lower bracket round 2 as best of 3, lower bracket round 3 as best of 3, upper bracket round 3 as best of 5.
  • Day 3 will be lower bracket round 4 as best of 5, Grand final as a weighted best of 7.

Here is your primer for the teams playing (from #1 to #8 per the current standings at https://heroeshype.com/naopen/)

#1 – XD

XD has had a great phase 1 with three cup wins. They had two former pros on their team (TalkingTrees and Homicidal) and have had great team synergy during the phase. Unfortunately the team lost their tank player, Jin, to the pro team No Tomorrow in week 7 and he will not return for the playoffs. They did replace him with for the playoffs with another former pro in TigerJK. The experience of the individuals on this team is unquestionable but we have no idea if they can play together and win.

#2 – SMV/monkaS/Aria Pls

Aria Pls has also had a great phase 1 with three cup wins. Most of the season they had a consistent team with three former pros (Iakona, TigerJK, and Prismaticism). Just like XD, they lost a team member, Prismaticism, for the pro team Simplicity and they’ve also lost TigerJK to XD. This week they lost their healer, Iakona, to Trait Value. This team has a lot of new members in new roles going into the playoffs.

#3 – Team Nightcare

Team Nightcare has had two second place finishes in phase 1 but fell short each week of winning a cup final. They have some really great players on the team and have a consistent roster.

#4 – EID

EID still has one team member from their 2017 HGC pro roster and have shown consistent play from weeks 4 through 7. Although a frequent top team, they haven’t placed above third.

#5 – Rouge et Au

Rogue et Au is another consistent team that does well each week but haven’t completely dominated a cup. They are also competing in the Heroes of the Dorm tournament for the University of Laval.  https://compete.tespa.org/tournament/104/team/19647

#6 – Trait Value

Trait Value, like most teams that Srey is on, has consistency issues. They have 2 former pros on their team, Srey and Iakona, and have one cup win during phase 1. If they are on their game this week, they can easily dominate the playoffs through the finals.

#7 – King’s Gambit

King’s Gambit wrecked face in week 7. It was great to see this team finally get to a cup finals match. This can be attributed to either the two player change in their roster or to the turmoil in the other amatuer teams rosters.

#8 – Gazua

Gazua has had frequent showings in the top 8 during phase 1 but has not place in the top 4 in any week. It’s a strong team that hasn’t been able to make it over the invisible barrier from awesome to stupid awesome.

SooperDaive’s Predictions

  1. The top 4 teams will be XD, EID,  Aria Pls, and Trait Value.
  • XD over Gazua: 2-0
  • EID over Rouge et Au: 2-1
  • Aria Pls over King’s Gambit: 2-0
  • Trait Value over Team Nightcare: 2-1

  1. The top 2 teams will be

  • XD over EID: 2-1. XD is a stronger roster despite losing to EID in week 7.
  • Trait Value over Aria Pls: 2-1. Trait Value only because Aria Pls has 3 new members and multiple role swaps. Aria Pls has a good roster but it will come up short.

  1. The winner will be XD and the runner up will be Trait Value: 3-1.