HGC NA Open Division – Week 6


Spoilers follow about HGC NA Open Division Week 6.

The overall results were not what I had expected. Team Nightcare and Trait Value didn’t make it to the semi-finals and monkaS didn’t win the finals. Also, after years of correcting people’s spelling of rogue in World of Warcraft, I find myself misspelling Rouge et Au out of habit.

The following are summaries and highlights of the matches. Some are worth watching and I encourage you to watch the ones that pique your interest the most. I don’t cover everything in each draft or match but I do mention the things I find most interesting or of note.

The top 4 teams going into the semi-finals this week were:

XD vs EID    - AND -   monkaS vs Rouge et Au

Semi Final 1 – XD vs EID

XD won this series 2-1 over EID.

EID picked Cursed Hollow for the first match. XD got everything they wanted in the draft and handily beat EID while losing only one structure. Don’t let XD get Maiev, Blaze, E.T.C., and Stukov.

For the second match, EID again had map pick and chose Sky Temple. EID banned the Stukov that enabled so many of XD’s picks in game 1. EID played much better in game 2. EID won a team fight soon after both teams got level 10 and pretty much dominated the rest of the game resulting in a win for them.

For the final match, EID again had map pick and chose Volskaya Foundry. EID picked an early Stukov that was countered strongly by XD’s burst DPS with Gul’dan and Maiev. EID’s last pick of Abathur lost them early objectives and they were never able to keep up in experience. XD won the last match handily while losing no structures.

The Takeaway: EID really likes to pick the map.

Semi-Final 2 – monkaS vs Rouge et Au

monkaS won this series 2-0 over Rouge et Au

Rouge et Au picked Battlefield of Eternity for the first match. monkaS picked their standard Malfurion first pick, surprising no one. Rouge’s picks of Garrosh and Thrall were unusual. The Garrosh, played by Electromad, was incredible to watch for the skill he showed in throwing and stunning the players of monkaS, however, he had little impact after level 10. Once Rouge lost the first immortal, the map snowballed against them. Minions won the first match for monkaS while the team kept Rouge busy in top lane.

monkaS picked Towers of Doom for the second match and Rouge stole Malfurion for their first pick. Rouge then followed that up by taking Tracer and Blaze, all three of which monkaS had in the first match. monkaS finished their draft with a surprise Zeratul. monkaS got the first kill within the first minute of the match and kept the pressure up using an E.T.C., Stukov, Tychus three man death ball. monkaS later won a team fight soon after both teams reached level 10 and kept a level or two lead the rest of the match.Rouge felt like they were on defense most of the match, taking multiple team fights while down a talent tier. monkaS wins in dominant fashion.

The Takeaway: Blaze is immobile and will die a lot.

The Final – XD vs monkaS

XD won this series 2-0 over monkaS

XD picked Battlefield of Eternity for the first match and monkaS snap picked Malfurion for their first pick, again. XD then snap picked Tracer and Hanzo in response! XD then perpetuated the Blaze/E.T.C. meme. XD took the first immortal and the XP lead and proceeded to destroy monkaS over the next (and last) 4 minutes of the match. monkaS lost the match more than XD won it.

XD chose to pick Volskaya Foundry for the second match. monkaS did NOT first pick Malfurion. XD picked Thrall and takes Malfurion and later on follows it up with Junkrat. monkaS has a better draft and got the first kill and the first Triglav. monkaS got level 10 first. Nintorii took TRANQUILITY! The game was paused at 7:36. Cover left the game but made it back after a short pause. monkaS got the second Triglav and got the first keep of the game giving them a two level lead. monkaS gets level 20 first but lost an intense minute long team fight. The game was paused at 16:44. Leonblack left the game. Cover left the game. XD’s core is at 88%. Cover reconnected. Leonblack cannot reconnect. E.T.C.-bot used Stage Dive on the base a second time. monkaS lost due to poor programing.

The Takeaway #1: Blizzard has a horrible reconnect system.

The Takeaway #2: E.T.C.-bot is not as good as Muradin-bot.

The Takeaway #3: There is someone out there that likes Solid Jake.