InVerum Talks TAW Tournament

Dorshe1News was given the opportunity to conduct a text interview with InVerum, the caster of the upcoming The Art of War (TAW) Heroes of the Storm Tournament  on December 9, 2017. Please enjoy InVerum’s unedited responses below.

dorshe1: Can you give us a background of your casting experience?

InVerum: I started casting Heroes back in mid 2016. I had been a competitive player and managed a few different teams and figured it was time to try my hand at something else. I started casting ESL Go4 Heroes (my very first cast was a consummate disaster, I am very glad no record of it exists) and from there worked on improving my production quality and skill. This expanded until I was casting 3-5 times a week with all the various amateur tournaments going on. I then started casting Dreamhack and ESL qualifiers as well and established myself as one of the better known faces of the amateur scene. This eventually lead to Blizzard bringing me on to cast Heroes of the Dorm 2016 alongside a lot of other awesome talent.

dorshe1: When you get to play Heroes of the Storm, what role do you prefer and why?

InVerum: I probably have one of the most skewed hero role records of anyone in the scene. I started playing seriously with Heroes of the Dorm 2015 so from pretty much day one I was approaching it from a competitive standpoint. I started as a support main and have continued with that to this day, so, I guess I am role one trick. Support always appealed to me because it was always something that would be needed. Everyone wants to play DPS so I figured might as well play the role no one else wanted. It worked out for me pretty well as I pretty much always get my picks in ranked.

They tweeted at TrikSlyr and asked for his recommendations for casters, I was one of them and was available.InVerum

dorshe1: How did you get selected to cast the TAW tournament?

InVerum: They tweeted at TrikSlyr and asked for his recommendations for casters, I was one of them and was available. They were also familiar with my work on other tournaments so that helps. I also have more experience than most actually running production and being an admin so that may also have played a factor.

dorshe1: Before this what did you know about TAW? Have you worked with them before?

InVerum: Truthfully I hadn't actually heard of them outside of seeing the name in Chair League and in an amateur tourney here or there. I didn't realize they were an entire gaming community with 2k+ active members.

dorshe1: Some people in the amateur scene look at tournaments with payouts suspiciously. Based on your interactions with TAW is there anything that would be concerning regarding their ability to follow through with the advertised prize pool?

InVerum: Well considering I've already been paid for production work I have zero reason to believe they would be anything but upstanding when it comes to the financials. They have been very pleasant to work with thus far and seem to be very determined to put on an awesome show for their community and the amateur scene as a whole.

dorshe1: As a caster what unusual character or composition do you hope makes its way into the tournament?

InVerum: I hope we see the new support changes take effect immediately and teams start bringing pretty much anything else to the table. As a caster, long drawn out team fights are fun, but when both sides walk away after blowing every cooldown and are essentially unscathed - that's not a lot of fun to watch. Double support means for a lot of anti-climactic moments and I just hope we see some of the old divey kill comps make a comeback.

 dorshe1: Do you have any other information about your or the tournament that you’d like to share with our readers?

InVerum: Not really, just that if they want they can donate to the prize pool. The AM scene has been pretty quiet of late, with pretty much only Heroes Hype giving players a place to flex their competitive muscles. I hope this tournament does well to the point it can become a fairly regular thing, just to give the community more opportunities to win some cash and bragging rights.