Krampus Krucible Tournament Announced for Nexus Gaming Series


On October 8, 2017 the Nexus Gaming Series (NGS) announced that they were running a holiday tournament. Billed as the 'Krampus Krucible' this tournament will take place in the weeks between December 4-18 of this year. 

In this unusual tournament structure, every person signs up individually and they are assigned to teams. The brackets are best of three knock-out games. The tournament may be single or double elimination depending on the number of teams.

Each set will follow the same structure:

Map 1: Towers of Doom

Map 2: Infernal Shrines

Map 3 (if needed): Braxis Holdout

The teams are selected in a reverse draft (i.e. your opponent picks your team composition).

This looks like it will an exciting tournament and I for one can't wait to see what types of shenanigans can be pulled off in this format.

For more information visit the NGS website or sign up on their sign-up form.

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