Match of the Week: Xtra Cheese vs Felominashal!

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Match of the Week: Xtra Cheese vs Felominashal!

Game 1

Week one of bush league is in the books, and the Match of the Week was the definition of  “Bush League” all the way through. Team Xtra Cheese has a few familiar faces, including season 1 Champion, and team Captain, Yelly. As for Felominashal! They have one returning player in Shin, who was a part of team “Bush Face Check” AKA FTBRG in season one. Felominashal! also has the overall lowest average MMR of any team in bush league, but they are all close friends and should have some chemistry. But can that chemistry compensate enough for the lack of mechanical skills? That’s the question everyone was wondering as the first match of bush league was about to begin.

Game 1 would be on Infernal Shrines. Xtra cheese decided to go with an aggressive, in your face comp, with Varian, Artanis and Medivh, followed up by Valla and Deckard Cain. Felominashal! went with a Pick/Blowup comp with Stitches, Chromie, Stukov, Leoric, and Raynor.

It didn’t take long for the first death to occur in BL Season 2, 40 seconds into the game SulfateLXG jumps into the enemy backline as Sonya, only problem is, nobody told SulfateLXG that he isn’t playing sonya, he’s playing valla, and is quickly deleted by the likes of Felominashal!. The only units to die for Xtra cheese before Sulfate LXG were the 3 mid melee minions. I mean even the mid-lane Mage Minion, and 3 range minions survived longer than him… Team captain of Felominashal!, Shin, said that first kill was an amazing Ice-Breaker for the team. They all loosened up and were able to just play.

The first Objective comes up and Felominashal! is able to take it, but they get very little value, not even a full fort wall. Both teams are able to reach lvl 10 about the same time. Second shrine stage comes up, and Stitches is able to get a big hook, but, it’s on Varian. The Medivh shields are on point so the Chromie combo does nothing. Artanis then dives in as well and gets right in Felominashal!’s face. With the pressure, Xtra Cheese is able to Wwin the 2nd objective. With, and with it, they are able to get a tower, go up 7-2 in kills and up 13-11 in levels. Both teams focus on macro and  just clear waves and get camps, waiting for the 3rd objective.

When the 3rd objective starts, Stitches again is able to land a nice hook, but again it’s on Varian. Artanis is able to respond by not only landing his swaps, but he lands it on the correct kill targets, Stukov or Raynor. Xtra Cheese is then able to win the 3rd Immortal and with that are able to take down the first keep of the game.

As the 4th Objective spawns, Xtra cheese hits level 20, while Felominashal is only 17. It’s looking like the mechanical skills on Felominashal are just not strong enough to compete, and down Storm-Talents this may be GG. Felominshal! goes in, desperate, forced to fight without level 20,. But they get a kill onto Varian, and then Artanis. Felominashal! wins their first major teamfight, and they only needed to be fighting into a level 20 disadvantage to do it? Then Extra cheese tries to poke out some shrine minions, and Felominashal! is able to stagger a 3rd death for Xtra Cheese as well as they taking take the objective. Felominashal! wins their second immortal of the game. But all the enemy forts are up so Felominashal! decideswants to push as four and get some value, but they send Raynor back to soak. They are able to push all the way to the keep wall. But once the immortal dies, and Xtra Cheese sees Raynor on the map, they engage hard 5-4. Felominashal! tries to retreat, and in the process are able to trade 1 for 1 deaths.

As what looks to be the final objective is about to spawn, both teams have 20 and both get their Shaman camps pushing top lane prior to objective spawning in the bottom lane. Extra Cheese clears the enemy camp but Felominashal doesn’t. With the fight over the objective, Felominashal! is able to get 2 kills without losing anyone, but the camp they didn’t clear pushed in during that time and takes their keep, leaving them with only one. Sylvir has to hearth back as raynor because the camp is now getting core damage. And once Raynor shows on the map, again Xtra cheese re engages with Medivh, Deckard, and Valla, into Stitches, Stukov, Leoric, and Chromie. Xtra Cheese is able to pick off Stukov and Chromie, while only losing Valla. The only Heroes left on the shrine at this time are Medivh and Deckard for Xtra Cheese, and Stitches and Leoric for Felomenashal!. Xtra does have varian respawning and Felominashal! has Raynor finishing clearing up minions at their core. Rosinini decides he going in, and shows the rest of the league why they need to ban Medivh against him. With the help of Deckard he goes in a 100 to 0s Leoric, Ddropping a Polly Bomb on him to prevent the Wraith Walk out. This forces Stitches to back off and concede control of the shrine to Xtra Cheese.

Xtra Cheese gets an Arcane punisher at 28 minutes, lucky for Felominashal! it’s the lane with their sole keep and a wall remaining. As the immortal pushes in, LeifErickson gets a GOD fishing hook onto the Yelly’s Deckard, Gorges him and takes him behind the wall. Everyone for Felominishal! stands and waits to secure the kill, they’ve done what they needed to… Deckard comes out…. Then he’s gone. Rosini has done it again, the perfect Portal and Shield from Medivh. Emotions fall flat for Felominashal! and to make matters worse, here comes John Cena. Xtra cheese pushes the core, G.G.

Game 2

Game 2 takes us to Battlefield of Eternity. The players of Felominashal! unanimously agree on banning Medivh from Rosini. Felominashal! decides on a double taunt composition with Varian and Garosh, followed up by Jaina, Cassia, and Brightwing. Xtra Cheese decides on a heavy CC comp with Arthas and ETC followed up with Ling Ming, Deckard Cain, and what looks to be a comfort pick of Nazeebo. Early game laning set up ends up looking like it’s going to be Team Captain Shin on Jaina for Felominashal! vs the “King of MMR Decay” himself, Oldbackpack on Arthas for Xtra Cheese. An unorthodox laning matchup, but perfectly Meta for Bush League.

During the first Immortal phase, Xtra Cheese is able to push Felominashal! back and get multiple kills, but their race is so bad, Felominashal! is able to respawn and still win the immortal. Felominashal! wins the first objective for the second game in a row. But again, they get virtually nothing out of it. Xtra Cheese is able to dive past the immortal, picking off multiple members on Felominashal!. Second Immortal phase starts. Xtra Cheese gets level 10 early, and are able to get a kill onto Cassia, but again they have no race and lose another immortal. Just like clockwork though, Xtra Cheese is able to dive past the immortal and get 3 more kills. But during that time, the immortal takes bottom fort while the split push king, Garrosh gets the other. Xtra Cheese is winning every fight, but can’t win an immortal, and Felominashal! Wins everyone immortal, but can’t stop dying.

Start of 3rd Immortal phase, both teams have shaman camps pushing. Xtra Cheese, knowing their race is complete water trash, decided they need a team wipe. They engage into Felominashal! But end up losing 2 players while only getting one kill. Both teams reset and clear camps. Both immortals still have virtually full health when the teams re engage. Felominashal! is able to get a quick pick on Li Ming, but Xtra Cheese doesn’t back down. They stay in as 4 and hold the defense. Felominashal! even with an extra person decides to play it safe, hearth back and reset. Teams re engage, Oldbackpack gets into the backline and gets a 4 man root with Arthas, into a Stay-a-While-and-Listen and ETC Mosh. Yes you read that right, and Stay-a-While-and-Listen AND a Mosh Pit. Most of Felominashal! was asleep and Dancing in the Mosh at the same time. Some might say that’s overkill, but when your race ability is the equivalent of the Gank Bush Squadcast’s listening base, sometimes overkill is necessary. With that setup, and Li Ming back up, SulfateLXG does what good Li Mings do, and he does it perfectly… Reset, after reset, after reset, after reset. The first 5-Man team wipe of Bush League season 2. It’s a lot easier to win an immortal race when the entire enemy team is dead. Xtra cheese pushes as 5 with the immortal and takes the first keep of the game.

4th Immortal phase, both teams are pre 20. Xtra Cheese knows they need to defend and get another team wipe, but this time Felominashal! sees it coming. They are able to retreat and survive the initial engage. Felominashal! gets a turn around kill onto Li Ming, and is able to pick off ETC and Arthas as Xtra Cheese tries to retreat. With a man advantage Felominashal! knows that they need to get on the immortal and get some damage in, but there’s a camp pushing into their last remaining keep. Not wanting a repeat of the last game, Felominashal! sends Jaina to clear it while the other 4 get on the immortal to race. The problem is Jaina is most of the race for Felominashal!. After clearing the Merc camp bottom, they send Jaina top to clear out the catapult pressure. Felominashal! gets the immortal to about 10% health when Xtra Cheese decides it’s now or never. Oldbackpack decides he’s going in, and dives into the backline with Arthas, he’s taking over, putting his team on his back! But, he dies. He got almost all of Felominashal! down to half health, but not a single kill. But Xtra Cheese has Li Ming, and SulfateLXG chases down Jaina, and secures the kill. He heads back to join his team with all his abilities reset. Deckard throws down the Triangle-of-Death, and just barely catched Brightwing and Cassia with the tip of it, and as my wife alway says, “The tip is enough,” and that day, it was. ETC Slides in, Li Ming with another Orb, 2 more dead. With that, Xtra Cheese is able to head back and take the immortal.

Level 20 is online for Xtra Cheese, pushing into the final keep for Felominashal!. Felominashal! should get level 20 as it approaches. But they engage early, Felominashal! loses Garrosh, then Varian, then Brightwing and Jaina. And that’s GG.


Xtra Cheese takes the 2-0, and get 3 points on the season. But Felominashal! shows they aren’t some team to be ignored. A few minor plays, and its a 2-0 for Felominashal! is committed to providing community content without clogging annoying pop-up advertisements. If you enjoyed this article, please consider donating so that we can show appreciation to our writers. Please include the name of the article with your donation.