Mid Season Brawl – Day Four Recap


Day Four of the Heroes Global Championship Mid Season Brawl was played Tuesday as teams jockey for position in the next phase at DreamHack. Recap time:

Set 1, Group A: Gen.G (KR) vs Mindfreak (ANZ)

Day 4 started with Gen.G demolishing Mindfreak in the least surprising 2-0 of the day. Both matches lasted less than 12 minutes and somehow Gen.G managed to rack-up 44 kills to only 5 deaths combined in both games. I think they’re ready for this group phase to be over with.

Set 2, Group B: Tempest (KR) vs CE (CN)

Tempest put together a clean performance on Battlefield of Eternity, netting 13 kills to 1 and finishing CE off in 16 minutes. Game 2 was on Volskaya Foundry and Tempest continued to bring the pain and an easy 2-0 for them:

Set 3, Group A: Ballistix (KR) vs Fnatic (EU)

One of the more anticipated matchups of the day, these games fell a little flat. Tempest appears to be hitting their stride at the right time while Fnatic’s performance is tailing off. In Game 1 on Infernal Shrines, Ballistix built an early lead and secured kill after kill for a total of 19. It wasn’t pretty for EU fans. Game 2 was played on Tomb of the Spider Queen and Fnatic got off to a good start but Ballistix flipped a switch and controlled the map after winning one team fight:

Set 4, Group B: Dignitas (EU) vs Luna Meow (Taiwan)

Dignitas was just playing with their dinner in this matchup. Towers of Doom, Game 1, and it wasn’t close as Dignitas pitched a perfect 40-0. Game 2 on Infernal Shrines lasted all of 11 minutes. Dignitas will head into the bracket phase looking every bit the dominant force that was expected of them in this tournament.

Set 5, Group A: TheOne (CN) vs Tempo Storm (NA)

Game 1 on Infernal Shrines. TheOne opted for an interesting strategy by conceding the first objective while they pushed the other two lanes. Unfortunately, they underestimated how much they were giving up as Tempo Storm managed to eliminate the first Keep of the game… at 5 minutes. Despite both teams accumulating 6 kills, Tempo Storm’s macro-gameplay was superior and netted them the victory.
Tempo Storm finished off the set with a relatively clean victory on Volskaya Foundry by grabbing an early lead, controlling the camps, and winning the objectives. A nice 2-0 against their final group opponent.

Set 6, Group B: Method (EU) vs HeroesHearth (NA)

Easily the most entertaining set of the day. Method edged out the early lead and at the 10 minute mark they were up 5 kills to 0, up level 15 to 13, had just captured the Dragon Knight, and were marching towards HeroesHearth’s bottom keep:
Still behind in structures and trailing a level, HeroesHearth started swaying momentum in their favor but once again lost the Dragon Knight, allowing Method to claim the keep. Now with catapult pressure in the bottom lane, all attention focused on the bottom lane. Both teams reached Level 20 and they brawled one last time:
Spectacular comeback from the HeroesHearth squad. Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen was an equally compelling match. Method once again got out to the early lead along with the first two objective turn-ins. They were on the verge of snowballing the map when HeroesHearth managed a couple of kills, allowing them to get their own Web Weaver turn-in. From that point on HeroesHearth slowly clawed their way into the experience lead, even hitting level 20 before Method and they used the small window of an advantage to capture the top boss:
Method took that wipe and marched through the bottom lane to victory. Awesome way to close out the day.

Day 5...

HeroesHearth has 5 points. CE has 3. They play each other tomorrow and HeroesHearth needs only to win 1 of the matches to advance to the bracket round. CE needs to take both maps to earn 3 points and surpass HHE in the standings. Meanwhile, if Gen.G takes both maps from Ballistix in their matchup, the result will force a tie-breaker match, 1 game, between Ballistix and Tempo Storm to decide who goes to the winner’s or loser’s bracket. Should be another great day of games.