Mid Season Brawl – Day Three Recap


Day Three of the Heroes Global Championship Mid Season Brawl gave us another round of intense action. If you missed it, here’s a recap to bring you up to speed:

Set 1, Group B: Luna Meow (Taiwan) vs CE (CN)

Another day, another rough set of games for the Taiwanese team. It’s generally not expected that the minor region teams will find success in a tournament like this, but Luna Meow seems resigned to their fate. For CE it was a respite from several very tough match-ups and they delivered with a clean 2-0.

Set 2, Group A: Ballistix (KR) vs TheOne (CN)

Korea vs China is always an interesting matchup as these two regions seem to play a different meta against each other. In Game 1 on Infernal Shrines, TheOne opted for a Valla pick while Ballistix took Tychus as their ranged damage dealers… two heroes that have seen little play this tournament. TheOne stayed close throughout this contest but consistently lost objectives and eventually put themselves into a do or die situation:
Game 2 on Sky Temple and Ballistix executed a perfect early-game. They managed a couple of early picks and snowballed the game to a 3-level advantage and finished off TheOne in 12 and  half minutes. 2-0 for Ballistix.

Set 3, Group B: Dignitas (EU) vs HeroesHearth (NA)

HeroesHearth decided to take Dignitas to Tomb of the Spider Queen and they paid the price. Dignitas demolished HeroesHearth 18-1 in kills and the Core in 13 minutes. It was a clinic.
In Game 2 on Towers of Doom it was more of the same. HeroesHearth played them close, but could not land the kills in team fights and slowly but surely Dignitas took the lead. It was a valiant effort from NA, but Dignitas have hit their stride:

Set 4, Group A: Mindfreak (ANZ) vs Tempo Storm (NA)

Tempo Storm on their favorite map, Dragon Shire, got off to a quick start in Game 1 with their superior macro gameplay. However, they got a little sloppy during the mid game and Mindfreak capitalized with kills, managing to catch up in XP. Tempo collected themselves, won a pair of team fights and finished off Mindfreak.
Game 2 on Tomb of the Spider Queen was a similar game to the first. Tempo Storm had moments of sloppy play that allowed their opponents to keep close in the mid-game. Like the first game, Tempo Storm won the fights when they mattered most and finished off Mindfreak 2-0:

Set 5, Group B: Method (EU) vs Tempest (KR)

After an excellent start to the tournament, Method finally met their match in Tempest. This set was awesome. Game 1, Tomb of the Spider Queen, was like a heavyweight prize fight with big blows and counter punches and one of the best team fights in the tournament:
Tempest followed up the massive brawl with an objective turn-in and a couple picks to win a very exciting match. Dragon Shire was the map for Game 2 and Method once again put together an admirable performance, staying in lockstep with the Koreans, even leading in kills for the majority of the game. The problem was Method could not capture the Dragon Knight and Tempest simply opened up the map, reached Level 20 before their opponent, and forced a favorable team fight to win the game. Great set. Great effort from Method. Tempest 2-0.

Set 6, Group A: Gen.G (KR) vs Fnatic (EU)

Let’s be realistic here. Gen.G is cruising through these group phase matches. Teams have managed to put up good fights against them but no one has yet to crack the armor of the Korean Overlords. In Game 1 on Volskaya Foundry Gen.G snowballed a first objective into 14-1 kills and a 4-level lead for the easy victory:
Game 2 on Battlefield of Eternity was more of the same. Despite Fnatic jumping out to a quick lead with multiple early kills, Gen.G’s composition was geared toward winning the Immortal which allowed them to absorbed the deaths and still capture the objective. The game didn’t even make it 12 minutes. Gen.G is playing at a different level from every other team at the moment.

Standings come into focus...

With only two days left, the standings are starting to solidify. It’s looking increasingly likely each team from Korea, Europe, and North America will make it out of the group phase. The most interesting story-line to follow over the last couple of days is whether the Chinese team, CE, can steal the fourth seed from HeroesHearth, who is only a point ahead of them. HeroesHearth has a chance to cement their status with a strong performance versus Method on Tuesday.