Mid Season Brawl – Day Two Recap


Day Two of the Heroes Global Championship Mid Season Brawl has come and gone and in case you missed the action, here’s a quick recap to catch you up:

Set 1, Group A: Gen.G (KR) vs Tempo Storm (NA)

A great set to start the day. Game 1 on Dragon Shire featured a very close early-game and somewhere in the mid-game, Gen.G won a team fight, gained control of the map and never looked back. It’s a reoccurring theme for Gen.G: teams are commonly able to execute the early-game,  but eventually a team fight erupts, Gen.G wins the fight, they take control of the map, they open up a win condition, they win another team fight, and they win the game. Game 2 on Volskaya Foundry featured a Sgt. Hammer pick for Gen.G and once again a very clean early game performance from Tempo Storm. In fact, Tempo Storm played well enough to win this game but ultimately Gen.G got the kill when they needed it and took the 2-0 from Tempo:

Set 2, Group B: Method (EU) vs Luna Meow (Taiwan)

Method is probably feeling pretty good about their position in this tournament after an easy 2-0 over Luna Meow. They executed near flawlessly in Game 1 on Towers of Doom, netting 11 kills to 0 deaths. In Game 2, they jumped out to a 3-level lead and finished their opponent in 13 minutes. For Luna Meow, it was another rough set in a brutal tournament for them.

Set 3, Group A: Mindfreak (ANZ) vs Ballistix (KR)

Ballisitx dominated Game 1 on Infernal Shrines. 19 kill, 0 deaths. Perfection:
Game 2 was played on Volskaya Foundry, but really the venue was just another backdrop for a Ballistix dismantling of their opponent. Up 2 to 3 levels the entire game, it was never really close. 2-0 for Ballistix.

Set 4, Group B: Dignitas(EU) vs CE (CN)

Dignitas appeared to shake off whatever dogged them on their first day. Despite an admirable performance from the Chinese team on Towers of Doom in Game 1, Dignitas looked comfortable finding their groove by controlling the map and consistently coming out ahead in trades. In Game 2 on Volskaya Foundry, CE drafted Probious as a surprise pick. Unfortunately for CE, Dignitas seemed to be ready for this strategy as they drafted Valeera and produced a clean 14 kills with 0 deaths.

Set 5, Group A: Fnatic(EU) vs TheOne (CN)

Game 1 on Towers of Doom once again displayed the gains being made by the Chinese teams as the tournament continues. Fnatic always seemed to be a step ahead in terms of macro-play. However, TheOne kept pace with exceptional team fights where they found picks despite the level differences. In the end, it was Fnatic who put the finishing touches on this game:
Game 2 brought the first real surprise of the day with the TheOne taking a map on Infernal Shrines. This was a close game throughout, but TheOne showed incredible patience on each contested objective by slowly whittling down Fnatic’s health-bars and then utilizing Alexstraza’s cooldowns to take the point. It was an impressive showing from a team that has slowly been gaining momentum:

Set 6, Group B: HeroesHearth (NA) vs Tempest (KR)

Tempest put their teamfight prowess on display in Game 1 on Infernal Shrines. HeroesHearth somehow managed to keep pace in this match despite seemingly every team fight going Tempest’s way. Multiple engages resulted in zero deaths for Tempest and eventually they put HeroesHearth away for good:
Game 2 on Volskaya Foundry and HeroesHearth flipped the script on the Korean team. If you’re a fan of team fights, you should probably just give this VOD a watch because the fights were intense and many. In the end it was HeroesHearth on top of the last fight:

Set 7, Group A: Tempo Storm (NA) vs Fnatic (EU)

Another spectacular set of games to finish the day. Game 1 on Volskaya Foundry had it all: great team fights, intense macro-gameplay, and is it really a Fnatic game without a backdoor attempt?
Game 2 brought us to Tomb of the Spider Queen where a visibly exhausted Tempo Storm simply could not keep pace with Fnatic. Fnatic dominated rotations, squeaked out an early lead and then dominated every team fight resulting in 11 kills to 0 deaths. It was a harsh way for Tempo Storm to end a frustrating day but a spectacular performance on the side of Fnatic.


A great day for European teams in general as both Dignitas and Method 2-0’d their opponents and Fnatic took 3 of the 4 maps they played. It’s safe to say at this point that all three teams will make it out of the group phase to play in the bracket phase this upcoming weekend.


First, HeroesHearth took a game off of Korea which should be celebrated by North American fans. On the other hand, Tempo Storm seemed to let their rough schedule get the best of them today as they lost a tough set to Gen.G in which both games they could have won. By the time they played Fnatic, almost 9 hours later, you could tell they were not at their best losing a very winnable first map and then getting stomped in game 2. They will need a strong performance in their final two match-ups if they hope to move on to bracket play