MSB Predictions – Monday


Day 2 Sunday recap

After an exciting day full of shocks and interesting series on Saturday, Sunday started off disappointingly with a series of predictable 2-0’s, but really became interesting at the end. We had our first point for China, an intense Tempest vs HeroesHearth series and then an unexpected Fnatic win over a looking good Tempo Storm.

Both Fnatic and Method top their groups and while both have played three games already it’s still impressive; both teams were unfavoured coming into the MSB and are making roster changes straight afterwards. It will be interesting to see how both teams do as they still have arguably their toughest tests to come.

The minor regions were very disappointing today. I’m going to hold off going into a full rant until after tomorrows games, but they’ve been very outclassed so far not winning a single game yet. Tomorrow sees them both in more winnable series and will show us if the minor regions belong at the MSB.


Luna Meow 0 vs CE 2

I don’t like being brutal unnecessarily but Luna Meow don’t belong at MSB. CE haven’t won a series either but at least they have an X factor, an ability to cause chaos and surprise teams with their team fights. Their first game versus Dignitas showed promise. I think CE will win in a series full of kills.

Ballistix 1 vs TheOne 1

TheOne have got their first point on the board against Fnatic in a series where they were very competitive. For Ballistix it’s really hard to gauge their power, but I don’t think they’ve been too impressive being well beat by Tempo Storm. I’m going to perhaps bravely go for a 1-1 as a testament to how similar I think the strengths of the teams are.

Team Dignitas 2 vs HeroesHearth 0

HeroesHearth managed to take a game off Tempest yesterday whilst Dignitas were beaten by Tempest 2-0. So, it might be a surprise when I predict a 2-0 to Dignitas. I think that HeroesHearth knew Tempest excel at the team fighting and identified a plan to victory by playing the maps and picking a map that Tempest were unfamiliar with. I don’t think they will be able to do that versus a resurgent Dignitas who will more than match them in the team fighting and macro.

Mindfreak 0 vs Tempo Storm 2

Mindfreak have looked distinctly unimpressive so far, there’s been some talk they’re waiting until later on in the tournament and are hiding strats and hero picks. I’m not convinced by this and I think they’ve just been outclassed. Tempo Storm is a must win for Mindfreak if they want to qualify, but I just don’t see it. Tempo Storm have looked decent this MSB and I think will easily win 2-0.

Method 1 vs Tempest 1

Method have looked good so far taking a game off Dignitas and easily dispatching weaker teams whilst Tempest have beaten Dignitas and drawn with a good HeroesHearth side. I see this as an honours even series with Tempest fighting their way to a map win and Method forcing Tempest onto an unfamiliar map, and out macroing them.

Gen.G 1 vs Fnatic 1

Gen.G are many peoples favourites to top group A (including me) and before yesterday I’d have put this down as an easy 2-0 to them. But Fnatic showed heart in the Tempo Storm series and I think they rise to the occasion when needed to. In a real heart overruling my head I’m going to predict a 1-1.