MSB Predictions – Saturday


HeroesHearth Esports 2 vs Luna Meow 0

Luna Meow I think are the weakest team at the MSB and HeroesHearth are on a tear lately; I can’t see anything but a 2-0 to HeroesHearth.

Gen.G 2 versus TheOne 0

Gen.G are many people’s favourites to win the MSB and TheOne are the weaker Chinese team at MSB, another 2-0 to the favourite in this case Gen.G.

Team Dignitas 1 Tempest 1

Dignitas must be the favourite here, looking in great form whilst Tempest limped to the end of their season. Tempest (when they click though) are a contender for the best team fighting team at MSB and I think against a cagey Dignitas in their first MSB game, they will take a game off them.

Fnatic 1 Mindfreak 1

This prediction is probably going to surprise a lot of people as I have Mindfreak (a ‘minor’ region team) taking a point off EU’s second seed. This I think misses two factors. Firstly, Fnatic are making two changes after MSB and one of their players BadBenny is playing a role at MSB that he won’t be after. Secondly, I think Mindfreak are really good thanks to regular ANZ play and have become internationally competitive; I think they if they can adapt to meta they will be a dark horse to qualify from their group.

CE 1 Method 1

Method are another EU team making changes after MSB which I think will be disruptive for their preparation/play at MSB. Whilst CE are comfortably the best Chinese team at MSB and they have their full roster. Expect CE to surprise Method with an all-in team fighting style and unusual draft and split the series 1-1.

Tempo Storm 0 Ballistix 2

I generally am unsure how well Tempo Storm will do this tournament. They look great on paper and have some skilled players with a superb coach. But I think Ballsitix with their international pedigree will be too good for them. While I hope for Tempo to take a game, I think they will lose 0-2.

Team Dignitas 2 Method 0

This season Dignitas has looked head and shoulders above the rest of Europe. Their team is playing well and their members unchanged for next season. I can’t see anything but a 2-0 to Snitch and co. as they finish day 1 well.