MSB Predictions – Sunday


Day 1 Saturday Recap

What an exciting day 1 was, with seven two game series played out giving us plenty to watch! Whilst all but 1 of the matches (Dignitas vs Method) ended in 2-0’s there were still some great games on show. Both of Dignitas series were well worth a view, the aforementioned Dignitas vs Method series and Dignitas vs Tempest. Game 2 of Dignitas versus Tempest was my stand out day 1 must watch, an over 30-minute game on Battlefield of Eternity with an epic comeback.

While day 1 started with 2 predictable stomps there were shocks and upsets a plenty following later in the day. Who would have predicted after the first day playing two matches Dignitas would only have a single point?  Who would have foreseen NA not dropping a single map and being the only region not to lose a series? Not me, that’s for sure!

Here’s hoping for an equally exciting day 2 and to seeing whether NA continues to impress or whether they will be found wanting. Both NA teams have very tough series on Sunday and can set themselves up for qualification already at this early stage. Tempo Storm have a very real possibility of finishing the day in the top 2 and challenging for a winner’s bracket position.


Gen.G 2 vs Tempo Storm 0

I can’t say for sure whether Tempo Storm looked impressive or Ballistix unimpressive in their match yesterday but either way Tempo Storm are coming into day 2 with a 2-0 against a Korean team. Meanwhilst Gen.G swept aside TheOne, though I don’t think that says too much as the Chinese number 2 seed isn’t really of the calibre of the other major region teams.

Despite Tempo Storm’s day 1 result I believe Gen.G (who I think are serious contenders for the MSB title) will be too strong and will take the series decisively, especially as I think they will take their opponents seriously after dropping a game to NA last MSB.

Method 2 vs Luna Meow 0

Method impressed on day 1. Not only did they split a series with Dignitas but they beat CE (who are no pushovers) convincingly. Luna Meow looked like they did not belong at the MSB. I don’t see this series being close.

Mindfreak 0 vs Ballistix 2

Both these teams disappointed on day 1, with both losing their series rather tamely. The Ballistix loss was more unexpected though and I think they will bounce back. They will show off their macro in this series and control both games.

Team Dignitas 2 vs CE 0

Make no mistake day 1 was very bad for Dignitas. You may have heard from analysts that they expected Dignitas to challenge Korea and get to the finals. Their road just got a lot harder and they will face a fight to qualify into the winners bracket, with first place looking a remote possibility. They should still beat CE 2-0 who were very outclassed by Method.

Fnatic 2 vs TheOne 0

Fnatic beat Mindfreak 2-0 which was perhaps expected but they didn’t just win, they looked good and comfortable in their victory. I expect the same this match against similar calibre opponents.

HeroesHearth Esports 0 vs Tempest 2

Both teams won 2-0 on day 1 though Tempest’s opponent Dignitas was considerably stronger. I think with Tempest’s 2-0 win they must surely be the favourite for this group and I think they will simply outfight their opponent. HeroesHearth may get a lead in a game but Tempest will stay in until they can win a team fight and get the victory.

Tempo Storm 1 vs Fnatic 1

Both teams looked impressive on day 1 and I think are of similar level. With Quacknix shot calling it will be a lot closer than last time they played at the Western Clash and I think Fnatic will take a game off an in-form Tempo Storm.