MSB Predictions – Tuesday


Day 3 Monday recap

After the third day we have reached a symmetry in the Mid Season Brawl. Both groups have Korean and European teams exclusively in their top 3, the NA team fourth, the Chinese team fifth and the minor region last place.  I think this is a fair reflection of how the games have gone, with the table accurately telling the tale of how strong the regions are.
The minor regions are still looking very poor without a point after Monday, though Mindfreak have looked competitive. China is just above the minor regions looking threatening sometimes but rarely converting that into a win; despite only having a single point TheOne has showed promise. They were very close to getting a win and a vital point off of Ballistix in the first game of their series.
North America looked very promising to start off but after day 3 have settled into position behind Europe and Korea. Both NA teams still have a chance (albeit small) to get into the winner’s brackets. Tempest and Gen.G continued to look extremely strong on day 3 and are clear favourites to take the no 1 spots in both of their respective groups. It is worth noting that European teams have not taken a single map off Korean teams yet….


Gen.G 2 vs Mindfreak 0

Gen.G are the best team in the tournament, I don’t think that anyone at this stage could make a persuasive argument against that. Mindfreak haven’t won a single game. This is an incredibly easy 2-0 prediction to make.

Tempest 2 vs CE 0

Tempest now have a serious claim to challenge for the MSB title with awesome team fights and good enough drafting and macro.  CE, err, can cause chaos and havoc and also like to team fight. I don’t think CE will be able to match Tempest in the team fights and their macro also isn’t good enough to outplay their Korean opponents, I see Tempest winning 2-0 in a killfest of a series.

Ballistix 0 vs Fnatic 2

After day 1’s surprising Tempo Storm win vs Ballistix many people including myself thought it was down to Tempo Storm outplaying Ballistix. Now I think that Ballistix are under-performing this tournament.  Fnatic have been quietly impressive this tournament losing only to Gen.G which is no disgrace and dropping a map to TheOne. I’m surprising myself saying this but I think Fnatic are the better team and will be well able to deal with Ballistix. 2-0 to Fnatic!

Team Dignitas 2 vs Luna Meow 0

Luna Meow haven’t won a single game and they are not going to.

TheOne 1 vs Tempo Storm 1

This is going to be a good series with two teams that have sometimes showed promise and sometimes looked disappointing. They both have a lot to play for with TheOne having an outside chance of qualifying for the playoff stage and Tempo Storm can (with a win) challenge for a winner’s bracket spot. I think both are fairly similar skill wise and they will split honours with a 1-1.

Method 1 vs HeroesHearth 1

Method were a team that I wasn’t sure would make it to the play off stage and HeroesHearth were untested in a truly global tournament. Both have impressed; HeroesHearth taking a game off Tempest against who they executed well a great strategy whilst Method matched Tempest kill for kill. I think they will deservedly split this series 1-1.