MSB Predictions – Wednesday


Day 4 Tuesday Recap

Day 4 saw the tables shape up and take on a form that looked more familiar, i.e. that most people had predicted before the tournament started. Ballistix found their form and after a clinical performance against Fnatic became joint second with Tempo Storm, while Dignitas secured a winners bracket seed. It seems strange to say it now but there was a time that both Ballistix and Dignitas looked like they would be facing the losers bracket.

For a more thorough day 4 recap please see ouroboros' article here 


Just the four scheduled games today, though we may have a tiebreaker (or two).

Tempest 2 vs Luna Meow 0

The more I see of Luna Meow the more I think that I am glad Blizzard decided to have less minor regions at MSB this year. It pains me to say this as I think minor regions need more support and have passionate fans, but they are just not up to it. Tempest to win 2-0 despite probably not taking it too seriously.

Gen.G 1 vs Ballistix 1

There’s a lot riding on this game as Ballistix can either finish joint first if they win and joint second if they lose. (A draw sees them finish second). I think for sure Gen.G are the better team and would normally win this series. But Ballistix play really well when they play versus Gen.G and I can see a 1-1. This result would suit Gen.G just fine and cynically speaking I could see them (if they win the first game) not taking the second game so seriously.

HeroesHearth Esports 2 vs  CE 0

Both teams have only won one series (vs Luna Meow) though HeroesHearth has looked good in their series whilst CE has looked... chaotic. HeroesHearth are the favourites in this series while CE can be unpredictable. I still think HeroesHearth will win 2-0.

TheOne 2 vs Mindfreak 0

This is probably the best minor region team vs the best Chinese team. I thought Mindfreak would do better than have 0 points coming into the last game, but they’ve not looked as good as they could be. TheOne, despite only having one point, have showed flashes of great play and for a Chinese team their macro play is good. I think TheOne will win 2-0 comfortably.