Nexus Gaming Series Announces Social Media Manager (Q&A)


On November 13, 2017, the Nexus Gaming Series (NGS) announced that it was continuing the growth of its league by adding Murda as their Social Media Manager. was given the opportunity to conduct a text interview Murda on his thoughts about the future of NGS. Please enjoy Murda's unedited responses below.

dorshe1:  Congratulations on becoming the social media manager for NGS. What does your role as social media manager encompass (i.e. what is it that you DO here?)

Murda: Hey, thanks for having me on for this interview! I’m Murda, Founder and Captain of ReGen, an amateur HotS team that has played in a couple of leagues including Season 2 of Nexus Gaming Series. Very happy to be a new part of the team over at NGS and am thrilled to help out as their social media manager. When I approached the Admin team with my desire to help them out in any way possible, they shared they had a lack of a presence on some of the big social media platforms; I’m here to fix that! I’ll be the man behind the keyboard making sure the HotS community knows all about us and knows how to register to compete in one of our seasons. There are a ton of teams out there, low level, mid level, high level, even semi-pro level, that want to play in an organized league. We have the best community around to make that happen for them!

dorshe1: What experience do you bring to the position?

Murda: I’ve been running online guilds/clans/teams for the past 6 years, starting with Star Wars: The Old Republic. I led a very successful raiding guild which after 4 years moved over to World of Warcraft where we began running Mythic Progression over there. Being within the Blizzard Universe eventually pulled me closer and closer to Heroes of the Storm until I finally decided to step down as GM from the WoW guild to run a HotS team. The leadership I’ve undertaken from that past experience paired with my love for HotS makes me feel well positioned to share my passion for the game with anyone who reads our messages online through our social media accounts. 

dorshe1: What is your experience with NGS?

Murda: I joined NGS right before Season 2 started and competed with my team, ReGen. We had an absolute blast getting to know a lot of the other players, casters, moderators, and administrators. There’s a huge pool of talent, personalities, and friendship our here that truly makes NGS something special. I’ve become a student of the game to an extent getting to play alongside guys like Ragnnarrok, Templaart, Zulcan, Turtles, Saviour, Trenchfun, and Ultanian. They’ve become like brothers and sister to me, which makes coming home from work each day exciting because I get to hang out with them and learn more about the game. We’ve even had a great experience getting to be coached by two amazing players: hedgie and Rexba. They shared a ton of tips, reviewed our replays, and taught us how we could get better each step along the way. I got to meet talented casters like Styxa, Bahamut, and Smithel who have helped me reach some personal goals of getting in to the casting side of the game. Their experience is so critical in making our league special! My goal as social media manager is to share with the world how NGS can make them a better player and how they have no idea how much fun they are missing out on!

dorshe1: What is your vision for NGS going forward?

Murda: I’d like to see us grow into the biggest North American amateur league in the scene. We have a huge amount of momentum rolling into season 3 as our second season is currently winding down with the playoffs. We have already seen our own record numbers of teams applying to play in S3 and are excited to get all of them placed into our division ranks. Everyone involved in the league feels a sense of ownership and pride in what we’ve all collectively put together. Now it’s time to share that with the rest of the HotS community.

I’d like to see us grow into the biggest North American amateur league in the scene.Murda

dorshe1: What are your priorities for the rest of 2017 and going into 2018?

Murda: Since Season 2 is ending right before the Holiday season, we decided it would be best to hold off the start of the next season until the beginning of 2018. So to hold everyone over, we are hosting an in-house tournament for any participants that will be around their PCs during the Holidays. We have dubbed this The Krampus Krucible. Players get to signup individually and will be placed on teams when the signup period completes on November 26th. From December 4th-18th, these teams will compete in a tournament bracket for the Krampus Krucible bragging rights! This is also a great opportunity for any new players or casters to get familiar with our community before the launch of NGS Season 3 on January 8th, 2018.

dorshe1: What do you think your biggest obstacle will be in realizing your vision?

Murda: As you know we’ve seen before, there are always people out there that want to take advantage of others. We have a ton of love for the Gaming Community/HotS Community/NGS Community, but I know all of us speak together in saying that we don’t want to see a person try to take advantage of us like that again. There are definitely new barriers up to prevent it, but it takes all of NGS to have open eyes and ears to spot it. My job is all about sharing the awesome parts of NGS so people know we are a welcoming and competitive HotS community. The way this community circled around that situation and let the admins know they had everyone’s full support was amazing. Hey, that’s why I ended up reaching out to take a role on the team too!

dorshe1: Do you have any additional information you’d like to share with the community, including on how to follow you on various social media websites?

Murda: Again, thanks a million for having me on for this. It was a pleasure getting to introduce myself and hopefully introducing a few people to Nexus Gaming Series. If you want to follow me on Twitter you can find me @TMurda2003, or my team @ReGenHotS. I also stream frequently on Twitch, and have recently gotten into casting HotS games. You can follow me at . And, of course, if you haven’t followed NGS on twitter @Nexus_Series. Expect to see a ton of information on our key matches, registration dates, exciting news, and anything else related to Nexus Gaming Series!

The network wishes Murda and the NGS well in its upcoming season. If you have any story ideas or questions for me, please contact me on Twitter @nlouderback or on the Discord channel.