Nexus Gaming Series Mead Hall – Sunday January 20, 2019


Nexus Gaming Series has announced a new Mead Hall meeting on January 20, 2019. From Aura on the NGS Discord:


@everyone I don’t think you ready for this jelly…. MEAD HALL THIS SUNDAY 20th AT 6pm PST! :chicken~1: That’s right! Season 6 sign ups are right around the corner on the 21st so be sure to tune in for all the fun, like changes to the league structure including the popular vote of moving into Best of 3 during the regular season! But don’t fret! For those of you worried about timing we will also be moving to one match scheduled per week with a splash of something extra! Tune in to find out even more juicy details :panda: The website has been going through massive amounts of beta testing as well so you can count on a functioning site to sign up your team, invite members easily to be approved by the mod squad, schedule your matches, have team and player profiles and so much more! Once we are live, and if ever you need assistance with the website or find any icky bugs needing to be squashed, be sure to post in #website_help! Remember NGS is always open to those looking to explore avenues of volunteer work as we all are volunteers! Casters, writers, analysts, division moderators, the more the merrier! Catch all the information at the upcoming Mead Hall this Sunday the 20th at 6pm PST! You really don’t want to miss this one! It’s almost as important as the February Mead Hall where we will announce placements hehe

For more information join the NGS discord.

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