Nexus Gaming Series Q&A Regarding Sponsor Scandal


On October 26, 2017 the Nexus Gaming Series (NGS), an amateur Heroes of the Storm (HOTS) league, announced that it had been defrauded by its primary sponsor. was granted an interview with ArchAngel0138, an administrator for the league.

dorshe1: Who is the sponsor and how did you get introduced to them?

Archangel0138: The “sponsor” went by the name of Rory Q. Hallen. We were introduced to the sponsor by an active community member. Rory was a very active component within our community for several months, he casted matches and played on teams before he came to us with a sponsorship offer.

dorshe1: What did the sponsor offer and what were the league’s obligations? Did the league meet the obligations?

Archangel0138: The sponsor offered a prize pool, and giveaways. The only obligations the league had were that his sponsor “logo” be added to our website.

dorshe1: When did you discover that the sponsor was not going to fulfill his obligations and what did NGS do at that time?

Archangel0138: We started to become suspicious of Rory when he wouldn’t answer specific questions in great detail. We finally became very suspicious when Rory kept pushing back dates for promised giveaways. ArchAngel, one of the league admin, messaged Rory several times asking on the status of the giveaways. Finally, when the League admin began to demand answers, Rory kept stating that he had cancer and was in the hospital, thus he could not speak with the admin at that time. NGS began to do research into Rory about a week ago, at which time Rory didn’t respond to any messages. Finally, ArchAngel confronted Rory and Rory immediately deleted his Twitch Page, shut off his phone and unfriended league admin.

We will not let one evil person ruin a good thing.Archangel0138

dorshe1: How as the announcement received by the community and what are your future plans?

Archangel0138: We have announced our discovery of Rory’s con to the community and are very thankful to the league for understanding the situation. We as league admin accept full responsibility for the situation and cannot express how angry, embarrassed and ashamed we are that this happened to our community right under our watch. Rory had spent months meticulously working his way into friendships within the league by preying on members hopes to be successful in the eSports arena and on a personal level by soliciting sympathy from well meaning members wishing to help someone in need. We as admin, have built this league with the help of the community and we couldn’t have done it without them.  Many community members have offered help with funding, web design, logo design, casting, casting overlays and much more. We naturally trusted Rory and were excited at the opportunities he might have been able to provide to the league and our community. When we informed our community of Rory’s fraud and betrayal, they were just as shocked as we were that an individual would devote so much time into conning a league filled with great people.

Our future plans are simple, We will not let one evil person ruin a good thing. We will continue to run this league for the community and do everything we can to provide a place for the everyday gamer to come and compete in a fun environment.

dorshe1: Are you aware of other foul play by the sponsor?

Archangel0138: After announcing to the community that Rory was a fraud. The entire community came together and provided a lot of evidence of other scams that he was running. We are now aware that Rory had approached numerous people within the league and formed friendships with them throughout his time in NGS. He then lied, stating he had cancer and couldn’t afford his bills. Our community members, out of the kindness of their hearts, sent Rory money. We have also been made aware by the community, that Rory specifically targeted young hopeful gamers in an effort to “recruit” them for semi pro teams and was promising them sponsorships and payment. We can only assume he was going to have these individuals pay him to be their “manager”. Throughout the course of our internal investigation we also discovered that he has done this to several pro and semi pro team players within the HOTS community. This is not his first time scamming the gaming community.

In addition to our questions, ArchAngel0138 gave us some insight into the league’s future plans and gave some advice to the gaming community.

Archangel0138: We are currently sending all evidence to both Twitch and Blizzard in an attempt to get Rory “hell banned.” We are not sure if either company will be able to do much as we all know, it is easy to create another username and account. We are also looking at informing every league within the Blizzard Community of what happened to NGS in an effort to protect them from any future work of Rory or other people like him. We ask that the entire gaming community to remember, that despite being a close and trusting community, that there are still frauds who will take advantage of that trust. Do not give money to anyone without verifying who they are. Look into every company that someone says they represent and contact those companies directly. Every company that is official within Europe and the United States has to be registered and that registry is free to the public. People like this prey on hopes of success and dreams of the community. If you see some red flags, call it out. Help protect each other, we all need a tank to peel for us now and again.