NGS Div C and Wildcard Weekend

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By Red Conscript

So Wildcard Weekend is upon us. I’ll give a quick overview of the standings and then a peek at the meta.

There are 11 teams signed up, 6 from West and five from East. With the 7th seed PsychoSwarm from the West and the 7th and 8th seeds House of Chez and Team Skorpious from the East looking to be the front runners based on seeding, as every other team is at least 3 spots away. But don’t count them out, the teams are closer than the seeding suggests. For instance, as of what has been recorded, Running with Turtles has lost one map more than PsychoSwarm. Truth be told Div C in general was quite close besides the upper two to three teams. So I think this will be a very competitive Wild Card Weekend.

West Wild Card Teams
#7 PsychoSwarm
#10 Running with Turtles
#12 I’ll Carry You
#13 Squad 9 Alpha
#14 Clouded Minds
#16 Wandering Ronin

East Wild Card Teams

#7 House of Chez

#8 Team Skorpious
#12 ReGen Red
#13 VGTC Dad Bods
#16 😉

And now for your look at the meta. The biggest takeaways are Deckard, Johanna, Jaina, and Azmodan.

Deckard has a 90.6% popularity, with a 38% ban rate and a 55.8% win rate. Compare that to Alexstrasza who has a 40.7% popularity, a 14.5% ban rate, and a 47.4% win rate, Stukov who boasts almost the exact same numbers, and Whitemane who is rocking a 43.1% popularity, a 27.9% ban rate and a 40% win rate. Deckard is by far clearly the best healer.

Johanna has a 54.1% win rate and has more games played than Arthas, Tyrael, Anub’arak, and E.T.C. combined (by about 30 odd games). Those four tanks do all boast above 60% win rates though, which probably indicates they are being drafted correctly. But for Johanna to sport that win rate is quite impressive, luckily teams have started banning her with a ban rate of 27.9%. She is clearly the most consistent and reliable tank in the current meta.

Jaina boast a 68.4% popularity and with a respectable 52.9% win rate though with only a ban rate of 15.5%. Other mages like Kael’thas and Li Ming are not too far behind with about 40% popularity and about 50% win rate. Jaina is clearly the mage frontrunner, but the other two picks cannot be discounted.

Azmodan boasts the highest ban rate of any hero in the meta with a whopping 55.9% ban rate, and 67.3% popularity. His win rate might only be 50% but it is clear that teams understand how powerful he can be.

That’ll be it for this short little article. I’ll be watching the Wild Card Weekend games and first Round of playoffs with much attention and you can be sure you’ll hear from me again soon, hopefully with some hot takes on the playoff situation as it develops. Until then, good luck to all the teams involved and we hope to see all of you back next season.

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