NGS Division A Playoffs | First Look


The Nexus Gaming Series regular season number five is now over and a matter of historical record. The playoff picture, however, is not yet entirely clear. In this calm before the post-season storm, let’s assess where we’ve been and where we’re headed.

There are eight playoff seeds for each region in each division. Six of those seeds are secured by the teams that finished the regular season in the top six spots. Teams that finished the regular season outside of the top six have the option to sign up for a single-game, single-elimination mini-tournament, called Wildcard Weekend, where the top two finishers claim the seventh and eighth playoff seeds in their division’s region. Then the playoffs proper begin.

That’s the shape of things to come. What does that look like for Division A?

Division A – East

Zed Zed Zed finished the regular season in first place with a win percentage of 81.82%. That’s an 8-2-1 record and a region-high domination percentage of 72.73%. The second seed, Happy Accidents, enter the playoffs with a 75% win percentage and an 8-2-2 record. Third is Doki Doki Hots Club at 5-5-1 and 68.18%. Fourth place goes to FIRST PICK GAZLOWE GG AFK at 63.64% and a 4-6-1 record. Fifth and sixth seeds go to a pair of teams with win percentages of 60%: Jailbait secured fifth by notching more dominations than sixth-seed A Sticky Situation, as per NGS tie-breaker rules.

Everyone else in Division A East falls into the Wildcard Weekend process, and as of this writing it looks like only The Chentlemen and Average Joh’s are signed up for it. If that holds true, they will earn the final two playoff spots just by virtue of showing up. Easy as you please.

Division A – West

Archetype enters the playoffs as the number one seed with the only undefeated record in all of Division A, East or West. They did drop two maps on their way to a 10-2-0 record and a win percentage of 91.67, and a domination percentage of 83.33, so they are beatable, if only just. The second seed goes to Adults with Jobs who finished with a win percentage of 72.73 and a 6-4-1 record, dominating their opponents 54.55% of the time. A tie-breaker was necessary further down in the standings in the West: Ballon Grant Us Strength, at 6-2-3, secured the third seed over fourth-place StepDads (5-4-2) thanks to the achievement of one additional domination. Blasting Burros finished in fifth with a 5-5-3 record and a win percentage of 62.5; and the sixth guaranteed playoff berth goes to Team Show Boat, who earned the spot over seventh-place finisher Baby Makers due to a tie-breaker of five dominations to four.

Three teams from the West have signed on for Wildcard Weekend. The aforementioned Baby Makers are in, and they’ll be competing with Reborn Knights Red and sOaK eVeRy LaNe for those precious final two playoff spots.

Wildcard Weekend and Beyond

Wildcard Weekend begins on Saturday, 29 September, at high noon Pacific Standard Time. Each region of each division is involved. There will be blood, and it will be televised, so keep your Twitch-capable devices at the ready. Anything could happen, especially if some of the major upset storylines from season four repeat themselves.

Also, look for more coverage of the playoffs as that picture becomes clearer. Soon we’ll know all eight playoff teams from each divisional region, and we’ll be able to look at individual matchups. Until then, good luck and have fun!

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