NGS Team Interviews Team Mapitas and ReGen Blue


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By Linehouse

Long ago, in a timeline far far away, there were interviews conducted with some teams plucky Division B teams. And as the dust has settled, and NGS has found a new article home, these interviews shall now see the light of day.

The first interview features Team Mapitas, a returning team from last season that ascended from Division C to join the ranks of Division B. Listen in as they talk about their unique team situation and prove just how much fun friends can have playing a game together.


The second interview features ReGen Blue, another returning squad, but also a team under the ReGen banner for the first time. In this instance, we discussed NGS, Division B, and other random goodness that you’ll have to tune in to hear.

Thanks to both these teams for joining me for an interview!

For more information about the Nexus Gaming Series (NGS) join their discord!

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