Report From the (Silver) Mines – Week of 1/8/2016


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    Season 3, 2017
    Silver 4

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      Season 1, 2018
      Silver 3

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      Silver 5

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    Hey everyone! So I started off the new season with a great 2-0 start, which got reset. Then I went 1-0, but that got reset too. I spent the next few weeks just waiting to make sure it wouldn’t get reset again and then… 4-6. Blah. My rank goal for this season remains unchanged: I want to make it to Silver 3. Also, I am going to make it a goal to play at least 6 games a week this season. I need to ‘git gud’ and the only way to do that is to play games in the competitive game mode.

    I will not go into too much analysis of the gameplay updates other than to make observations on how it has affected my league. In the Silver League it appears that teams with good waveclear and strong push are dominating. Teams in Silver tend not to understand the importance of the macro-game and spend most of their times initiating fights over nothing. I am still amazed at how few people understand the basics of soaking and not fighting at talent tier disadvantages. Split push strategies have always been successful at lower levels, but now one unattended bruiser camp can take forts or even the keep walls. I have to decide whether I am going to succumb to my desire to play Zagara and Xul, or to continue on my course of becoming a better tank main!

    In other news, my team, LIT Unknown, is going to play in Division B of the Nexus Gaming Series (NGS) this season. I am a substitute player, but I usually get 2-3 games each season due to scheduling conflicts. I am also a caster for NGS and I hope to get some games this season. I will include dates and times of the matches I’m casting going forward.

    Weekly Highlight

    This week’s highlight takes place on Cursed Hollow. I could not let myself get distracted by music and had to focus on the game. Against my better judgment I was playing support as Lucio and we had a double bruiser composition: Dehaka, Artanis, Jaina, and Sylvanas. Showing an unusual amount of coordination in Silver League we took advantage of our Sylvanas and went 5 top and took out a cannon tower and managed not to feed then they rotated top. Going into the first tribute we were up 4 kills to 0 and had taken down the entire top front wall.

    We won the first tribute after a short fight that ended up with their Arthas killed. Dehaka burrowed bottom to immediately to keep soaking. So far so good! As a side note, I took Chase the Base at level 4 so if you are watching the replay please enjoy me sliding around randomly booping people. The second tribute was an easy pickup for us. The opposing team spent their time ganking Sylvanas instead of attempting to take the tribute. After the tribute, both teams decided it was an opportune time to fight over nothing! I stayed because I’m the support, but both sides exchanged deaths which benefited the opposing team since they were behind in experience at this time. We obtained a the heroic talent tier advantage right as the third tribute spawned. The opposing team came to fight us and we killed two of them and took the tribute and received the first curse of the game.

    This curse was very good for my team. We manage to avoid the temptation to go take a boss while the curse was going (#JustSilverThings) and pushed. We took all three forts, the front wall on the bottom keep, damage on the keep itself and level 13 talent tier advantage. The snowball appears to be getting started. We took the bootm boss and then fight them while they are taking the top boss. During the team fight, our boss manages to take bottom keep and is pummeling the core as we finish taking their boss. We don’t push with the top boss so it doesn’t get much value, but we take a tribute and get camps.

    There is a teamfight over the next tribute and we manage to kill four of them to none of ours and get the tribute. One more tribute and we get our second curse. We pick a team fight in the middle lane before the next tribute and win it with 2-3 deaths to 1 and secure the tribute for the second curse of the game. This time we do both bosses because the bottom boss will go straight to core and minions took the middle keep while they were defending the boss. We follow the top boss straight to core and a rare (for me) support win!


    This was a rough start to the season. I was expecting to perform better in my placement games this season and was disappointed with my 4-6 record. I am going to continue to work hard and climb! If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on twitter at @nlouderback  .



    2 shakers out of 5

    The games were not too bad, but the screw-up by Blizzard leaves a bad (salty) taste in my mouth.