Report From the Mines (Silver) Week of 11/06/2017


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    Season 2, 2017
    Bronze 3

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    Silver 4

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      Season 3, 2017
      Silver 3

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      Silver 4

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    So Blizzcon has come and gone and I know that everyone is excited. Alex, Hanzo, laning changes OH MY! I will be honest, I was super excited after the first few games of the HGC that I popped into queue Friday night.

    Mistakes. Were. Made.  Ok... so due to time constraints my normal HL time is Friday night, but the potatoes were out in force. After three games and a 1-2 record I threw in the towel. It wasn't just that I was 1-2, it was the way we lost. 

    As you'll see with my featured match of the week. 

    Weekly Highlight

    Let me set the scene for you. I'm playing Muradin (Support is my best role, but I am a Tank Main in HL), fresh off his recent nerf. I'm raring to go. My first HL in a week. The map is Cursed Hollow

    The team seems interested in doing some Sylv cheese bottom. This is an unusual amount of coordination in a silver league game so I'm ready to go. Then everyone starts going bottom... except.... Sylv? We lose a full wave and a half of exp in the bottom lane as Thrall doesn't rotate. It was a harbinger of what was coming to our team (and my ranking) in this game.

    Despite our foibles the early game favored us as we got 2 of the first 3 tributes and reached level 10 first. Unfortunately we were not able to capitalize on it in the mid-game. They managed to get a boss, a tribute and 2 level advantage on us. And the keyboard warriors (Uther/Junkrat) came out to play. 

    Late game we finally had some stuff go our way and we won a few fights, including a boss, unfortunately, at 23 minutes I lost faith in humanity. We had a boss, and a near team wipe. It is time to push bot and possibly end and what does Junkrat do? You all know what he did. He went to take a siege camp. Sylv left as well, which was a mistake (we should have sent someone else to clear core), but without those two we were not able to take advantage of our only chance to win the game.

    After that we just ended up losing slowly watching Uther and Junkrat assign blame for the loss. 

    This set the pace for three games where there was much more yapping than normal, and I dislike that. I sure hope that Blizzard makes it easy to hit the 'mute' key in the upcoming voice coms. It is bad enough reading the salt, I can't imagine what it is going to be like.


    This was a less than successful week for my hopes of attaining Silver 3. If the games had been less salty I probably would have played a few more. Excitement in the community is great for the game, unfortunately it can make for some rough HL games as the players who are logging back in find themselves in the Silver Mines. If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on Twitter at @nlouderback  .



    3  shakers out of 5

    Thanks to keyboard warriors and a game throwing Junkrat, my salt content this week is about the same as licking a margarita glass.