Report From the (Silver) Mines – Week of 11/13/2017


  • Final Rank

    Season 2, 2017
    Bronze 3

  • Last Week's Rank

    Silver 4

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    • Season Goal

      Season 3, 2017
      Silver 3

    • This Week's Rank

      Silver 4

    • Season Record


    My plan for this little blog was to keep it rated G. This week made it difficult for me. Before I started sending people to watch my exploits I was 9-4 and since then I've managed to produce at a Bronze-worthy 1-5 record. After my placement games I thought my very modest goal of Silver 3 was achievable.

    I will be honest, this week's games ended with a rage quit on Friday night. I do not know what's going on with the people I'm getting matched with lately, but they WILL NOT SHUT UP and it is tilting me.

    I actually queued up my 4th game (demotion game!!!) 3 times this week, only to cancel it because someone I knew came online and I could play unranked draft with a party. I have been so frustrated with HL play that playing in the non-competitive play mode was much more appealing.

    I know I need to play more games, but when they are fiestas with people not understanding the basic principles of the game (like getting called out because you are soaking 10 while the rest of the team is engaging an opponent down 4-5 with an objective closing in on them) it gets difficult. My goal for next week is to get at least 6 games in and hope at least some of them are good quality.

    Weekly Highlight

    My weekly highlight involves my very first DPS game of the season on Volskaya Foundry. Up to this point I have played about 90% tanks and 10% support but this game the tanks and supports were locked in immediately. I've been working hard on Greymane's mechanics and figured I could get some work done with him. I did quite a bit of hero damage done, but I also died way too many times. 

    I knew it was going to be a long game from the beginning. We over-committed to the initial team fight and didn't even worry about clearing the first wave. Then we grouped again as 4 and stayed in the lane even though I pinged the top lane where we were missing experience. We managed to win a prolonged fight over the first objective. Unfortunately, the objective on this map is relatively worthless. We didn't even take the first fort before it dies.

    While I was reviewing my game for this report, I am noticing that I'm not spending enough time in Worgen Form. I use it mainly as a finisher but, watching higher level streamers use him, I see that I am not taking advantage of the waveclear it provides, especially since I am breaking off to soak quite a bit.

    We get to 10 first but, due to staggered deaths in a pointless teamfight, we weren't able to press the advantage. We lost the contest for the second protector... and the game. I won't go into too much detail, but I had 1 death up to that point and ended up with 8. They managed to get a consistent talent level tier advantage against us and just beat us down.


    It is entirely possible that I'm letting things that my teammates say tilt me and it is affecting my performance. Additionally, there is a debate raging about the use of voice in the Nexus. My thoughts are that there are too many trolls and keyboard warriors out there. There is also a large population that does not understand the fundamentals of HotS. Combine these two and I think the lower levels of ladder will end up being a cesspool of people who think they know everything (even with a new MMR telling them differently -- BLIZZARD is obviously rigging it against them!) and acting poorly towards each other whenever there are poor game results. I am having a difficult time with people typing in chat, so I'll likely never turn voice on in-game. If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on Twitter at @nlouderback  .



    3.5  shakers out of 5

    Saltiness steadily increases with the resurgence of keyboard warriors. My Hero League experience this week was like a licking block after the cow has been at it - salty, grimy, and gross.