Report From the (Silver) Mines – Week of 12/04/2017


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    Season 2, 2017
    Bronze 3

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    Silver 5

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      Season 3, 2017
      Silver 3

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      Silver 5

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    You may have noticed that there hasn’t been a report for the past two weeks. I’ve been busy with the holiday but it would be disingenuous to imply it was the primary cause of the missed reports. The simple fact is that Heroes League hasn’t been fun for me and I didn’t play any ranked games for that two week period, even though I probably logged over a hundred games of Quick Match, Unranked, Team League, and Brawl. I did manage to get some games played last week and they weren’t too bad. It feels like the influx of new and returning players from BlizzCon has decreased or they have a few more weeks of experience so they are playing better.

    All of my games this week came after the support changes and I will be honest it does not seem to have affected the Silver League that much. The double support meta did not filter down to the lower levels of Hero League. The biggest reason for that is that players in the Silver and Bronze leagues simply don’t know how to benefit from double support. In fact, drafting a double support could lead to people throwing games because “There isn’t enough damage.” Believe me, I’ve seen it. The one thing I noticed since the patch is that Li Li has a much higher selection rate (she was in all 5 of my games this week). She got her damage buffed and she is still a low skill cap healer perfect for the Silver League.

    Weekly Highlight

    Today I bring you a game of hope! It was my first non-tank Hero League win of the season. I played Lucio on Dragon Shire. The game started with quite a bit of communication in draft screen, but that carried over to some saltiness as we struggled in the early game. Our Artanis said that he was going to solo lane and then promptly joined the group on bottom. The game seesawed early; the enemy team ended up getting the first Dragon Knight and took the first fort of the game.

    This brought the keyboard warriors to the party with the Jaina calling out everyone on the team (except for herself of course). We we cleaning up our lanes and taking a camp so we gave up the 2nd Dragon Knight without much of a fight.

    Fortunately the other team did not take advantage of it and, after the Dragon Knight died and our keyboard warriors took a break, we managed to wipe them in a fight over absolutely nothing in the mid-lane. With the other team dead we decided to run it down the middle lane. The Diablo, who had lost his stacks to respawn, came mid to try to slow us down and got swapped by the Artanis. The rest of the game was us bullying the other team and them being out of position and getting picked off. We snagged two more Dragon Knights and finished up the match.

    I was glad for the win and I think that I did ok with my Lucio play considering I don’t have a ton of experience on him. Here is a shout out to Rozai for his Lucio Talent and Gameplay Guide. I don’t know if I took all of the same talents as him, but it was helpful in understanding Lucio’s role.


    I think the two week vacation helped me hit Hero League with a positive attitude. I still had times during the last three weeks where I hit the queue button and cancelled, but hopefully I will get more games next week. I am also excited for the upcoming laning and MMR changes. I am also terrified of the MMR changes. I like to think that I’m at least average for my rank. Starting soon I will know for sure.  If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on twitter at @nlouderback.



    2 shakers out of 5

    This week’s salt level would be like biting into a Ritz cracker with some sharp cheddar cheese. It is salty, but you kind of like it that way.