Report From the (Silver) Mines – Week of 12/11/2017


  • Final Rank

    Season 2, 2017
    Bronze 3

  • Last Week's Rank

    Silver 5

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    • Season Goal

      Season 3, 2017
      Silver 3

    • This Week's Rank

      Silver 4

    • Season Record


    This is the final Mines report of the season! The new season starts on December 12, 2017. Major changes are brewing with the introduction of Hanzo, laning changes, and personal MMR changes.

    My goal to start the season was to make it to Silver 3 and I failed to make it to my goal. The largest reason for my failure was simply not playing enough games this season. I am happy that I finally broke out of Bronze League and I am going to focus on performing well in my placement games at the beginning of next season.

    I only played two games this week, but both of them were solid.

    Weekly Highlight

    This week’s highlight takes place on Towers of Doom. This is one of my favorite maps because it is a three lane map with an important objective that encourages team-fighting. There is also incredible potential for macro value. My team was Muradin (me), Taunt Varian, Valla, Alexstraza, and Lunara. We were facing off against Diablo, Tychus, Li-Ming, Li Li, and Azmodan. After the draft I thought we had a decent team fight composition, but I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to answer the Azmodan push.

    Early game laning assignments were a little awkward. When no one went top after the beginning skirmish I rotated and laned against Tychus. Lunara went against Li-Ming in bot, and the rest clumped mid. The first altar phase had each team taking their top altar and we lost an extended fight at the bottom altar. Despite losing this fight our team had managed to out-soak them and had a slight experience advantage.

    After the first altar phase we lost a small skirmish bottom and then over rotated to stop an Azmodan push in the top lane. This cost us both sapper camps in the bottom lane and it turned out be a disaster for the second altar phase. The other team was able to capture both altars including forcing a fight on the bottom altar, which we lost. The third altar phase was bittersweet. Both sides hit level 10 at the same time and we won the fight and captured the sole bottom altar, but Azmodan captured our top fort so we only received three shots.

    Our team spent the next couple of altar phases running around trying to negate the influence of Azmodan. We started getting some picks since they were not grouping as five and Azmodan was getting sloppy. At this point both teams were level 15 when we managed to get a full team wipe and put us at 14 core health to their 27.

    Azmodan continued his split pushing, but the longer death timers started to take their toll on the other team. We were punishing their four-man grouping and then taking altars or camps when available. The Varian was spot on with his Taunts and the rest of the team followed up on the engage. Li Li’s Jugs were cancelled by various teammates. Our team hit level 20 before the enemy and had it down to 14 core health to their 12.

    The game ended on a team wipe in the bottom lane. Our team cleaned them out at the cost of our Alex and we were able to capture two altars and the boss for the win!

    The Alex was a bit lippy throughout the game and she was starting to rage while we were behind. I’m glad that we were able to turn this one around.


    Despite not hitting my stated goal I believe this season was a success. My confidence has been improved after getting out of Bronze and I believe my mechanical skills are improving. Good luck to everyone on their placement games next week. My plan is to get my placements done next week and let you guys know my joy (or despair)! If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on twitter at @nlouderback .



    1 shakers out of 5

    My doctor said I had to watch my salt intake and for once my Hero Teammates helped me out.