Report From the Mines (Silver)


  • Final Rank

    Season 2, 2017
    Bronze 3

  • Last Week's Rank

    Silver 5

  • Last Week's Record

    3 – 0

    • Season Goal

      Season 3, 2017
      Silver 3

    • This Week's Rank

      Silver 4

    • Season Record

      9 – 4

    Welcome to the inaugural edition of my weekly (hopefully) report “From the Mines.” This will be where I describe the fun and joy of playing lower division Hero League. My personal belief is that video games are fun and that you should maximize the enjoyment no matter where you are on the competitive ladder. As I share my experiences with you it is my hope that you will laugh (either with, or at me), you’ll cry (why won’t my team just end?), and experience all of the emotions between.

    Since this is my first article it is helpful to give you my HOTS history, and explain just how I ended up in the Silver Mines. I actually played HOTS during the Beta release (I have the portrait and everything), but to be honest I thought the game was stupid. After playing about 10 games or so, I went back to playing the much better game of……. Hearthstone.

    Fast forward a year or so later and one of my favorite streamers was doing a 24 hour stream and wanted to do player games with HOTS. So I logged in and fell in love with the game. I became obsessed and started playing multiple games daily and started ranking up Heroes so I could get to ranked play. I plugged along and duly placed Bronze 3. I then proceeded to lose ranks down to Bronze 5 because I had no idea what I was doing.

    During this time I had my first experience with Chair League. I actually put together my own team (The MetroCasuals) and we went 1-7 in our first (and only) season. I wanted to get better so I found someone who was doing free coaching. He was trying to teach me to stutter-step, but I was having problems. He eventually asked me what my FPS was. I had no idea what he was talking about. He patiently explained what it meant and showed me how to display it and I told him it was 9 FPS. At that time I learned that I was playing HOTS on a potato powered computer.

    I put off ranked play until I could purchase a better computer and I joined up as an alternate for another Chair League team (LIT Unknown). With my new computer in tow I’ve been slowly working on my personal skills and have finally gotten out of Bronze League. My biggest issue with Hero League is that I’d rather play with teammates. I am hoping that doing this piece will keep me focused on playing games every week.

    Weekly Highlight

    I didn’t play many games this week, but one of these games was a doozy. This entire game was a clown fiesta (replay link). Our opponents did not choose a support so you’d think that it would be a fairly easy win, but you would be wrong. Our team did not understand that we needed to survive the first wave, back out and let our sustain allow us to re-engage. Also, the best player on both teams was the enemy Valla and she almost carried her team across the finish line.


    It was a successful week for me in Hero League. Even though I only played 3 games I was able to go from Silver 5 to Silver 4 and managed to win all three clownfiesta….err… games. If you want to share your own ladder experiences, feel free to catch me on the discord or on Twitter at @nlouderback  .


    1/2  shakers out of 5

    This week was salt free, just like my wife's breakfast oatmeal.