TAW Tournament Announcement


On December 9, 2017 the Heroes of the Storm division of The Art of War (TAW) will be holding their inaugural open tournament for Heroes of the Storm. The tournament will be casted by Heroes of the Storm veteran InVerum.

The tournament is structured as a best of 1 single elimination tournament with the semi-finals and finals as best of 3. The tournament is free to enter and has rewards for the top two teams:

Prize Structure

    • 1st Place

      $150 (Paid out as five $30 Amazon gift cards)

    • 2nd Place

      $50 (paid out as five $10 Amazon gift cards)

    You can signup at the TAW signup page.

    TAW is a multi-game organization that has been around since the early 2001. The organization prides itself on having a common vision of honor and teamwork. Each game has its own division and is structured with military ranks. The Heroes of the Storm Division has 83 active members and the Division Officer is Xevyr.

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