Top Four NA Open Teams


The NA Open Division returns on March 19, 2018 at 6pm for the sixth Cup for Phase 1.

You can check out the action on and Blizzheroes generally covers the higher profile teams on day one and the semifinals and finals on the second day. Make sure to follow both for updates and announcements.

The information below was accurate as of Saturday, March 17th. You people need to stop switching teams. PM me in for any changes or updates: sooperdaive#1590.

What Have We Learned from Weeks 1 Through 5 of Phase 1?

Picking the winner of the weekly Cup finals is pretty predictable. There have been 13 maps played over the five Cup finals. 10 of the 13 maps have been won by the team that got to pick their heroes first. Only SMV and Trait Value have been able to win a map where they chose heroes second.

The most common maps in the final Cup matches are Battlefield of Eternity and Volskaya Foundry being chosen three times each with Infernal Shrines chosen twice.

The Most Popular Heroes


Picked 12 times and banned once with a win rate of 3 wins and 9 losses


Picked 12 times and banned once with a win rate of 5 wins and 7 losses


Picked 8 times and banned 4 times with a win rate of 7 wins and 1 loss


Picked 6 times and banned 2 times with a win rate of 2 wins and 4 losses


Picked 8 times and no bans with a win rate of 6 wins and 2 losses


Picked 4 times and banned 4 times with a win rate of 3 wins and 1 loss

The Top 4 Teams

monkaS (formerly SMV) is currently first in the standings with 410 points. SMV won both Cups 2 and 3 of Phase 1 and blew up over weeks 4 and 5. First the team kicked two members and then those two came back and a different, third member was kicked/left. They just picked up their fifth member to complete the team for week 6. Their current roster is Leonblack (Tank), Prismaticism (Ranged DPS), ViN (Ranged DPS), Iakona (Healer), and Srey (Offlaner). Prismaticism, Iakona, and Srey are former pros with plenty of tournament experience. Look for this team to be the favorite in the remaining weeks of Phase 1.

XD is currently second in the standings with 405 points. XD won Cups 1 and 4 of Phase 1 and blew up in week 5. It looks like two members of the team left and then rejoined a few days later. Their current roster is Jin (Tank), TalkingTrees (Flex/Ranged DPS), Cover (Ranged DPS), Nintorii (Healer), and Homi/Homicidal (Offlaner). TalkingTrees and Homi are former pros. Look for this team to be the runner up for Phase 1.

Trait Value is fourth in the standings 220 points but the only other team to win a Cup this phase. Their success in weeks 6 and 7 will be shaky. Srey just left their roster and they picked up huffmoney. Regardless, they are a strong roster that should have success and make it to the playoffs. If their roles remain the same in week 6 as they were in 1 through 5, their roster will be huffmoney (Tank), Troy1010 (Ranged DPS), Alex (Flex/Ranged DPS), Valamar (Healer), and Seryu (Offlaner).

Team Nightcare is third in the standings with 250 points but doesn’t have a Cup finals win yet. With the strength of the top two teams it feels like it will be an uphill battle for them. I expect them to make a good showing in the playoffs and place either third or fourth if they get around to signing up for week 6. Their current roster is Taliant (Tank), vfdg (Ranged DPS), LzGaMeR (Flex/Ranged DPS), Dokinjar (Healer), and Glogan (Offlaner).